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In situ staining the activities of starch synthesis related enzymes of the rice grain
Author: T.L. Jeng1, C.S. Wang1, J.M. Sung2

The effects of nitrogen application and assimilate availability on engorged pollen production and spikelet sterility in rice
Author: Thusitha A. Gunawardena and Shu Fukai

Relationship between Dry Weight and Spikelet Number of each Tiller at Heading in Rice Plants
Author: Hiroyuki Shiratsuchi1, Youichi Ohdaira2 and Jun-ichi Takanashi

Low Grain Ripening in the New Plant Type Rice due to Shortage of Assimilate Supply
Author: Tohru Kobata and Kumi Iida

Sucrose-metabolism enzymes in developing rice endosperm: Their relations to grain filling of rice cultivars with extra-heavy panicles
Author: Tsuneo Kato1, Ayano Taniguchi1, Dai Shinmura2 and Akira Horibata1

Effects of combined application of ethephon and gibberellin on growth and nutrient uptake of rice seedlings growing under direct seeding conditions
Author: Hajime Watanabe and Masahiko Saigusa

Photosynthesis, Growth, and Yield of BC2F4 Lines derived from Oryza sativa and Wild Rice Species, O. rufipogon
Author: Chisato Masumoto1, Takashige Ishii2, Tomoko Hatanaka2, Hyoe Tsugawa2 and Naotsugu Uchida3

Cytokinin affects the leaf levels of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase and the accumulation and partitioning of nitrogen in paddy rice at the ripening stage
Author: Taiichiro Ookawa, Yukiko Naruoka, Ayumi Sayama and Tadashi Hirasawa

Interactive Effects of Atmospheric Ozone and Carbon Dioxide on Photosynthesis, Dry-Matter Production and Yield of Lowland Rice
Author: Toshinari Ishioh and Katsu Imai

Effects of rising temperature on growth, yield and dry-matter production of rice grown in the paddy field
Author: Izumi Oh-e, Kuniyuki Saitoh and Toshirou Kuroda

Australia: New screening method for cold tolerance during the reproductive stage in rice
Author: Timothy C. Farrell1,2, K. M. Fox2, Robert L. Williams2 and Shu Fukai1,2

Spatial variation of carbohydrate metabolism in rice leaf sheath
Author: Hai Yan He, Michiko Koike, Tsutomu Ishimaru, Ryu Ohsugi and Tohru Yamagishi

Planting pattern affects the rate of photosynthesis during ripening in rice plants
Author: Yumiko San-oh1, Taiichiro Ookawa and Tadashi Hirasawa

Yield advantage of hybrid rice induced by its higher control in tiller emergence
Author: Tanguy Lafarge1,2, Brenda Tubana1 and Estela Pasuquin1

Response of rice cultivars to aerobic condition
Author: Nednapa Insalud1, Richard W. Bell2 and Benjavan Rerkasem1

Biomass Partitioning of Rice under Free-Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE): Lessons for Crop Models
Author: Mohammad Bannayan and Kazuhiko Kobayashi

A New Diagnostic Tool of Rice Grain Filling and its Response to Stresses using Grain Population Weight and Size Distribution
Author: Denis Fabre, Pierre Siband and Michael Dingkuhn

Variation in Leaf Photosynthesis among Wild Species in Genus Oryza and among the Progeny of Selected Crosses of the Wild species with a Rice Cultivar.
Author: Zhao Ming2,3, Renee Lafitte1, Erik Sacks1, Glenn Dimayuga1 and Xiuqin Zhao3

Does elevated CO2 concentration affect lamina length of rice cultivars?
Author: Toshihiro Hasegawa1, Masumi Okada2, Meguru Inoue2 and Hiroyuki Shimono2

Competition between plants affects phenology in rice cultivars
Author: Marcel de Rassac1, Alain Audebert2, Sandrine Roques2 and Jerme Bolomier1

Rice yield enhancement by elevated CO2 negatively correlates with hastened occurrence of heading –Results form five years chamber studies-
Author: Hidemitsu Sakai1, Han-Yong Kim2, Toshihiro Hasegawa1 and Kazuhiko Kobayashi3

Study on the physiological and morphological indices among the modern and old rice (Oriza sativa L.) genotypes
Author: Freshteh Mahdavi1, Mohammad Ali Esmaili1, Hemmatollah Pirdashti1,2 and Allahyar Fallah3

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