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Soil OM and use of wastes

Green Manures Stimulate Root Development of Maize and Mungbean Seedlings
Author: U.R. Sangakkara1, P. Stamp2, A. Soldati2 and M Liedgens2

Conversion of Kampong Ewa rice fields in Langkawi, Malaysia, into organic rice farming.
Author: Abdul Rahman Abu Bakar1, Rohani Yon2, Saad Abdullah3, Aini Zakaria4, Othman Omar5, Zulkifli Malik6, Sariam Othman7 and Azmiman8

Effects of land application of two different biosolids on plant growth and nitrogen mineralisation in a red ferrosol soil in subtropical Australia
Author: Guixin Pu1, Mike Bell1, Glenn Barry2, Peter Want1 and Teresa Cokley2

Decomposition rates and nitrogen release of turf grass clippings
Author: Kelly L. Kopp1 and Karl Guillard2

Rice cultivation using organic farming system with organic input materials in Korea
Author: Yong-Hwan Lee, Sang-Min Lee, Yun-Jeong Lee and Du-Hoi Choi

Composted greenwaste used as a bermudagrass soil amendment
Author: Janet S. Hartin1, Steven B. Ries2, Stephen.T.Cockerham2 and Victor A. Gibeault3

Environmental hazard of excess dunder on agricultural land
Author: P.L. Matthew, Colin J. Birch and P.G. Saffigna

Assessment of waste for use on agricultural land
Author: P.L. Matthew, Colin J. Birch and P.G. Saffigna

Using Tropical Grasses to Enhance the Efficiency of Nitrogen Capture from Dairy Effluent
Author: Brad A. Silver1, Colin J. Birch2, Tom Cowan2 and P.L. Matthew2

Can manure lift crop production in communal lands of semi-arid Zimbabwe?
Author: R.J.K. Myers1, G.M. Heinrich2 and J. Rusike2

A Study on Dynamics and Models of N, P, K Absorption for high-yield Cotton
Author: Ke-ru Wang 1, Shao-kun Li1,2, Lian-pu Cao1

Plant species effects on soil carbon stocks - a pot study
Author: LanBin Guo1,2, Michael J. Halliday1,2 and Roger M Gifford1,2

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