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Breeding crops that do better under water stress

Moisture stress studies in different chickpea types
Author: J. Kumar1, N. Dhiman2, S.S. Yadav1, Jens Berger3, Neil C. Turner3,4 and Dhirendra Singh2

Two New Food Hull-Less Barley Varieties For Rainfed In Egypt
Author: A.A. EL-Sayed1, R.A. Abo El-Enein1 , A.S. El-Gamal1, A.A. El-Sherbiny1, M.A. El-Moselhy1, M.A. Megahed1, A.A. El-Hag1, A.M.O. El-Bawab1, M.T. Abdelhamid1, K.A. Amer1, R.A. Rizk2, S. Grando3, M.A. Said1, H.A. Ashmawy1, S.I. Abaas1, M.Z. Shendy1 and M.I El-Hawary1

Amalgamation of drought adaptation and high productivity in arid zone pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum)
Author: O.P. Yadav1, Fran R. Bidinger2, C.T. Hash2 and Rachid Serraj2

Screening for late season drought tolerance in wheat genotypes grown in Iran
Author: Goodarz Najafian1, Akbar Ghandi2 and Hassan Abdi3

Improving water use efficiency and drought tolerance in groundnut by trait based breeding programmes in India
Author: M.S. Basu1 and P. C. Nautiyal2

Enhancing Water Productivity in Irrigated Rice
Author: Parminder Virk1, Sant S. Virmani2, V. Lopena and R. Cabangon

Adaptation of photosynthetic components of chickpea to water stress
Author: P.S. Basu, Masood Ali and S.K. Chaturvedi

Wild Helianthus anomalus and H. deserticola from the Desert Southwest USA: a Potential Source of Stress Genes for Cultivated Sunflower
Author: Gerald J. Seiler

Genetics for Improving Crop Water Use Efficiency
Author: Zhengbin Zhang1, Ping Xu1 and Jizeng Jia2

Increasing crop-water productivity through genetic improvement for tolerance to water stresses in maize (Zea mays L.)
Author: Pervez H. Zaidi1, Ganesan Srinivasan2 and N.N. Singh1

Recent Advances in the Marker-Assisted Selection for Drought Tolerance in Pearl Millet
Author: Rachid Serraj1, C.T. Hash1, Rattan S. Yadav2 and Fran R. Bidinger1

A Midwestern USA Perspective on Water Use Efficiency and Drought Tolerance in the Soybean
Author: James E. Specht1

Developing high yielding wheat for water limited environments in northern Australia
Author: John T. Christopher1, Andrew K. Borrell2, A.M. Manschadi3, Graeme Hammer3 and Scott Chapman4

Differences in drought avoidance root characteristics among several millet species
Author: Walter Zegada-Lizarazu and Morio Iijima

Heritability of Drought–Resistance Traits in Peanut
Author: Alan Cruickshank1, Arnaud Dowkiw12, Graeme Wright1, NageswaraRao C. Rachaputi1 and Shyam Nigam3

Morpho-agronomical variation among diverse lentil genotypes under rainfed environments in Nepal
Author: R Shrestha1, 2, K.H.M. Siddique1, David W. Turner2 and Neil C. Turner1, 3

Enhancing adaptation of large-seeded kabuli chickpea to drought prone environments
Author: S.S. Yadav1, J. Kumar1, Neil C. Turner2, F.J. Muehlbauer3, E.J. Knights4, Bob Redden5, David McNeil5 and Jens Berger6

Genotypic differences for drought resistance in Lablab purpureus L.
Author: Cristine Hall1 and B.P. Naidu1,2

Genotypic variation in tropical maize for growth maintenance under drought.
Author: Claude Welcker1, Jean-Marcel Ribaut2, Bertrand Muller1 and Franois Tardieu1

Identification of drought tolerant sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam) cultivars
Author: Prabawardani Saraswati 1, Mark Johnston2, Ross Coventry1 and Joseph Holtum1

Effect of Drought Tolerance on Preharvest Aflatoxin Contamination in Peanut
Author: C. C. Holbrook, B. Z. Guo, D. M. Wilson, and C. K. Kvien.

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