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Dear Delegates

On behalf of the Organising Committee, we take great pleasure in welcoming you to the 4th International Crop Science Congress in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. New approaches to complement traditional methods are needed in scientific research and implementation to feed an increasing world population, improve quality and develop new plant-based products while sustaining the natural resources that underpin global cropping. The Organising Committee has developed an outstanding program featuring many internationally recognised experts, addressing science and community aspects of New Directions for a Diverse Planet. There is an exciting mix of plenary sessions, symposia, workshops, and poster sessions covering the major international topics in crop science in 2004. The 5th Asian Crop Science Conference and the 12th Australian Agronomy Conference are embedded in the Congress program. We look forward to your lively participation.

Please take advantage of the mid-Congress tours and the social program to learn a little about Queensland’s agriculture and strengthen your scientific networks. We know you will enjoy Brisbane in the spring, and if you are participating in Congress tours, or your own pre or post-Congress touring, we hope you take home some great memories of Australia beyond the city limits! We trust you will enjoy your visit and we know you will benefit greatly from your participation.



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