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New crops & crop products

Seed softening in Hedysarum spp. – new temperate forage legumes with great potential
Lindsay Bell1,2, David Lloyd3, Kerry Bell3, Brian Johnson3 and Kemp Teasdale3

Variation for osmotic adjustment in Australian triticale cultivars
M. Barary1, N. W. M. Warwick1, R. S. Jessop2, A. M. Taji2

Flowering and seed development of Torilis nodosa and Anthriscus caucalis.
R.P. Rawnsley1, P.A. Lane1, P.H.Brown1 and T. Groom2.

An examination of the seedbank distribution, seedling emergence and seed survival of Apiaceae weeds in pyrethrum
R.P. Rawnsley1, P.A. Lane1, P.H.Brown1 and T. Groom2

Flowering characteristics of adzuki bean from China
Peter Desborough1, Peter Lawrence2, Bob Redden3 and Zong Xuxiao4

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