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Farming systems

Have we found a new sustainable farming system?
David K. Malinda and Rick Darling

Detection of elemental response with the use of fertiliser test strips
R.N.D. Reid 1 and G.P. Richardson 2

Mycorrhizae reduce carbohydrate reserves of wheat
Megan H. Ryan1, Anthony van Herwaarden2, John F. Angus1 and John A. Kirkegaard1

Interactive effects of drought and N stress on wheat and canola growth
Fernanda Dreccer1,2, Daniel Rodrguez1,2 and Mariano Len1

Effect of waterlogging on the growth of barley
M.X.Zhou1, R.G. Xu2, D.H. Chen2, Z.L. Huang2, N.J. Mendham3 and M Hossain1

Simulating dynamics of allelochemical production from living plants
D. L. Liu1 and Min An2

Developing a minimum till cropping package for the lower North Central Catchment of Victoria
D.C Boyd

Nitrogen and moisture regimes for genotype differentiation in breeding for consistently low grain protein concentration in barley.
Livinus Emebiri and David Moody

A comparison of four farming systems in central-western NSW
Catherine Evans1, Rob Sanderson1, Dean Patton2 and Neil Fettell3

Variety interactions with wheat row spacing and seeding rate
Mohammad Amjad1 and Wal Anderson2

Fertiliser inputs for maximum yield and quality of Gairdner barley
Narelle Hill1, Laurence Carslake2 and Simon Wallwork3

Estimating the optimal relative density combination of two crops in an intercrop
Sarah Park1, Laurence Benjamin2 and Andrew Watkinson3

Pasture composition and timing of removal – effects on wheat yield and protein level.
Jim Virgona1, Brian Dear2 Graeme Sandral2 and Tony Swan3

Farming systems research in Australia; origins and integrations
Brett Robinson1,2

Effect of cropping rotation on weed incidence and botanical composition of ensuing pastures at Oolong in SE NSW
Peter Dowling1, David Michalk1 , Ashley Mead2 , George Carney2 and Sue Betts1

Evaluation of a new class of fungicides on grain yield in wheat and barley
Susan Kleven1, Geoff Dean2, Colin Hacking3 and Jim Davidson4

Within-field protein variation in the northern grains region
Wayne Strong1, Rob Kelly1 , Troy Jensen1, David Butler1 and Bill Town2

Grain grower perceptions of the economic value and longevity of glyphosate
Rick Llewellyn

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