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Environmental management

Partial wetting - a potential water management saver for peach and apple
Mark O'Connell and Ian Goodwin

Soil nitrogen mineralisation as affected by size of rainfall events
Victor Sadras and Jeffrey Baldock

Modelling temperature effects on plant residue toxicity
M. An1, I. R. Johnson2 and J. V. Lovett2

Runoff from raised bed crops in south-west Victoria, 2001
Tim Johnston1, Robert White2, Marc Nicolas2 and Bill Slattery3

NutriSmart: A fertiliser capable of re-establishing the sustainability of ecosystems and enhancing the productivity of farmland
SF Pang1, A Lui1, G Goold2, A Chu1, W Wong1, S Li1, E Chan1, I Kwok1 and L Cheung1

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