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Crop agronomy - warm season

Stem diameter: A rapid and accurate parameter for monitoring growth of sorghum
Angela Clough1,3 and Malcolm N. Hunter2,3

Dry season irrigated rice yield response to time of sowing in Laos
Jaya Basnayake1, Sipaseuth2, Sonekham Phamixay2, Manit Senthonghae2, Vichit Sibounheuang2, Sonekham Phamixay2, Sengkeo2, Monthathip Chanphengxay2 and Shu Fukai1.

APSIM Rice: A growth and development model for rice
Shaun Lisson and Michael Robertson

Rotation and biocide effects on the growth and yield of sugarcane
Alan Garside1, John Berthelsen1, Clive Pankhurst2, Brenden Blair3 and Rob Magarey4

Root health and nutrient accumulation in sugarcane.
M.J. Bell1, A.L Garside2, P.W. Moody3, C.E. Pankhurst4, N. V Halpin5 and J.E. Berthelsen2

Effects of cutting and sowing date on biomass production and nitrogen content of forage sorghum
M.M. Rahman, S. Fukai and F.P.C. Blamey

An evaluation of safflower, Linola™, sunflower, maize, buckwheat and sorghum as spring sown cropping options for south-eastern Australia
Nick Wachsmann1, David Jochinke1, Rob Norton1 and Sue Knights1

The performance of imported safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) hybrids in south-eastern Australia
Nick Wachsmann1, Sue Knights1, Rob Norton1 and David Jochinke1

Modifying sugarcane irrigation to account for a shallow water table
Celia Sweeney1, Peter Thorburn1, Keith Bristow2 and David Lockington3

Physiological responses of cotton to subsurface drip irrigation on heavy clay Soil
Surya Bhattarai1, Jack McHugh2 and Gavin Lotz2, David Midmore1

Impact of crop management on cotton crop maturity and yield
G. N. Roberts and G. A. Constable

Genetic variation for post-anthesis drought resistance traits in grain sorghum
Andrew Borrell1, David Jordan1, Andrew Douglas1 and Greg McLean2

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