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Crop agronomy - warm season

Intensity of the production system influences the impact of yield decline in sugarcane
Alan Garside1, Mike Bell2,3, John Berthelsen1 and Neil Halpin2,4

The impact of crop rotation on peanut productivity in rainfed cropping systems
Mike Bell, Gary Harch, Jeff Tatnell and the late Keith Middleton

Canopy development in phosphorus deficient sweet corn.
Andrew Fletcher1, Derrick Moot1 and Peter Stone2

Benefits of sub-surface application of nitrogen and water to trickle irrigated sugarcane
Peter Thorburn1, Jody Biggs1, Keith Bristow2, Heidi Horan1 and Neil Huth1

Crop growth and maturity in ultra narrow row and conventionally spaced cotton
Rose Roche1, 2, Michael Bange1, Stephen Milroy1, Graeme Hammer2, 3

Cold shock in early growth of cotton
Michael Bange and Stephen Milroy

Determinacy in cotton: measurement and potential implications
Stephen Milroy and Michael Bange

Accounting for cotton water use and productivity: A tool to estimate on-farm water use efficiencies
Sunil Tennakoon, Scott Johnston and Stephen Milroy

Evaluation of Sorghum in Western Australia
Andrea Hills1, Michael Robertson2, Don Gaydon2, David Hall1, Trevor Lacey1, Arjen Ryder1

Assessing the likelihood of the occurrence of low temperature damage in the NSW rice industry
Thusitha Gunawardena, Shu Fukai and Pax Blamey

Avoiding low temperature damage in Australia’s rice industry with photoperiod sensitive cultivars
T. C. Farrell123, K. Fox23, R. L. Williams23 S. Fukai12 and L. G. Lewin2

Optimisation of nitrogen supply from sugarcane residues in the wet tropics
Elizabeth Meier1,2, Peter Thorburn1, Mike Goodson3, Malcolm Wegener2 and Kaye Basford2

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