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Farming Systems 4: Water in the Landscape

Real time analysis of rainfall, soil water content and surface runoff
S.R. Murphy and G.M. Lodge

Phase farming grains with lucerne in South-east Australia
D. M. Whitfield and M. G. O’Connell.

Incorporating lucerne leys into cropping systems on the clay soils of the Darling Downs
N.P. Dalgliesh1, P.E. Tolmie2, M.E. Probert3, M.J. Robertson3, L. Brennan3, R.D. Connolly2, G. Sutton4, 4S. Hole, R. Taylor5, J. Grant5 and G. Milne5

Soil moisture and canola yield in an alley farming system
K.M. Blott1 and A.J.P. Knight2

Comparing newly established lucerne with annual pastures in south - east Western Australia
A.M. Lyons1 and R.A. Latta2

Solving the dryland salinity problems of the Murray Darling Basin with historical research, observation and logic
D. Cluff

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