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Farming Systems 3: Science and Crop Monitoring

TOPCROP State Focus in Victoria. An extension program tackling industry issues
S.G.Holden1 and M.Evans2

Women ‘TopCroppers’ ~ a valuable part of the farm workforce
D. J. Carpenter

The Development of Ecological Performance Indicators for Sustainable Systems
D.R. Kemp1, D.L. Michalk2 and A.A. Charry1

Agronomic Interactions between Drought and Crop Sequence
J.A. Kirkegaard1, G.N. Howe1 and G. Pitson2

Poor Wheat Yield Response to Conservation Cropping – Causes and Consequences during 10 years of the Harden Tillage Trial
J.A. Kirkegaard1, G.N. Howe1, S. Simpfendorfer3, J.F. Angus1, P.A. Gardner1 and P. Hutchinson2

Wheat stubble management influences emergence and growth of canola
S. Bruce1,2 and M.H. Ryan1

The impact of a farming systems approach on adoption of Butterfly Pea in Central Queensland
J.A. Doughton1, M.J. Conway1, V.A. Osten1, K.J. McCosker1, M. McCosker1, G.B. Spackman2, B.C. Pengelly3, S.R. Buck4, T.M. Lever4, G.A. Lambert5, R.M. Kelly6

Cereal yields associated with changes in soil characteristics following six years of acacia
P.M. Mele and I.A.M. Yunusa

Warm Season Cropping in the southern cropping zone of Australia
N.S. Wilhelm

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