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Farming Systems 2: Rotations, Legumes, Other Crops

Better Pasture, Better Crop, Better Systems
A. Liu1, D. G. Ferris1,2, and C. K. Revell1

Economic Potential of Ley Pasture Legumes for Central Western NSW
G McIntosh 1, A Bowman 2, R Farquharson 3, F Scott 3, R Jessop 4

Ley cropping systems benefit from low rates of seed softening of annual pasture legumes in southern Australia.
P.M. Evans, J. Chin, P.A. Riffkin and X. Zhang

Effects of lucerne and medics on subsequent crops in the Victorian mallee
1 K.P Ransom, 2 D. Whitfield

Productive Lucerne-Crop Rotations
R.A.Latta1 and L-J.Blacklow2

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) compared to five temperate legume species in Wimmera farming systems.
K.M. McCormick1, R.M. Norton1, M.B. Peoples2 and H.A. Eagles1,3.

The potential role of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) in Australia's southern farming systems.
N.G. Wachsmann 1, S.E. Knights 1 and R.M. Norton 1

Effect of Gypsum and Stubble retention on Crop productivity in Western Victoria
S.D. Jarwal1, R.D. Armstrong1 and P. Rengasamy2

Assessing the potential of wide-row farming systems in the Mallee
Jones B.R.1 and Desbiolles J.M.A.2

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