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Drought and Water Use Efficiency

Effect of timing and intensity of drought on the yield of Oats (Avena sativa L.)
R.J. Martin, P.D. Jamieson, R.N. Gillespie and S. Maley.

Management Practices to Reduce Aflatoxin Contamination in Peanut
N.C. Rachaputi, G.C. Wright, S. Krosch, and J. Tatnell

Terminal Drought and Seed Yield of Lupin
J.A. Palta1, 2, N.C.Turner1, 2, R.J. French2, 3 and B. Buirchell2, 4

Adaptation of Chickpea to Water-limited Environments
N.C. Turner1,2, Q. Ma1, L. Leport1, S.L. Davies1,3 and K.H.M. Siddique1,4

Relations among Yield Potential, Drought Tolerance and Stability of Yield in Bread Wheat Varieties under Water Deficit Conditions
Amirgholi Sanjari Pirayvatlou

Differential responses to water regimes in triticale genotypes differing in aluminium tolerance
X.G. Zhang1, 2, R.S. Jessop2, F. Ellison3, and P. Evans1

Influence of cultivar maturity and leaf type on the agronomic water use efficiency of raingrown cotton
W.N. Stiller and G.A Constable

Defoliation of sorghum and wheat leads to control of phenology and enhanced water use efficiency.
D J Midmore1, S Ockerby1,2, G Zhu1, B Radford3 and D Yule4

Genotypic variation in water potential at different positions and water conductance in rice
V. Sibounheuang, J. Basnayake, S. Fukai and M. Cooper

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