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Precision Farming, Controlled Traffic, Spatial Variability

Strategies to interpret the yield map: Defining yield-limiting factors
R. Kelly, W. Strong, T. Jensen and D. Butler

Mechanising on-the-run grain sampling
T. Jensen, L. Zeller, and R. Kelly

Understanding Subsoil Water-Use on Southern Mallee Soils: I. Spatial Characteristics of Subsoil Constraints
J. G. Nuttall1, R. D. Armstrong2 and D. J. Connor3

Understanding Subsoil Water-Use by Cereals on Southern Mallee Soils: II. Crop Response
J. G. Nuttall1, R. D. Armstrong2 and D. J. Connor3

Strategies to interpret yield maps: Predicting grain protein using yield
S. Norng1, A. N. Pettitt1, W. M. Strong2, D. Butler2

Yield And Protein Variation Within A Controlled Traffic System
T. Jensen, G. Powell and T. Neale

Tactical fallows for the Victorian Mallee?
M.G. O'Connell1, D.M. Whitfield1, D.J. Connor2 and G.J. O'Leary3

Innovative Management of Grain Sorghum in Central Queensland.
G.B. Spackman1, K.J. McCosker2, A.J. Farquharson3 and M.J. Conway4

Age of cultivation is not a good indicator of profitable crop production
G. Schwenke1, G. Butler1, T. Christian1, J.Nixon2, P. Hayman1, D. Herridge1

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