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Farm surveys and demonstrations

Farmer-managed, on-farm demonstration of the impact of pasture technology on crop and livestock production
W.D. Bellotti1, T.J. Clarke2, A.L. Ewers1 and K.V. Jaeschke3

Crop rotations used in the cotton industry
J.L. Cooper

How much feed is in the paddock?
B.L. Hancock1 and F.D. Kaye2

What layout and lettering will lift readership ?
D. Lincoln, R. Hartley and H. Meyers

Improving annual pastures in the South Australian cereal belt
R.G. Porter, E.D. Carter and R.S. Llewellyn

The pasture legume status of cereal farms in the central region of South Australia
E.D. Carter, R.G. Porter, R.S. Llewellyn, R.J. Presser, P.M. Read, H. Rooney, D.W. Virgin, P.J. Willmott and R.M. Wundke

The adoption of pasture management practices in the Murray Mallee of South Australia
J.A. Cummins

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