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Plant physiology

The nature and agronomic implications of a juvenile stage in barley
W.J.R Boyd and L. Kaveeta

Responses of barley, wheat and maize to drought in a cool temperate climate
P.D. Jamieson, G.S. Francis and R.J. Martin

Influence of water stress on leaf death among rice lines: comparison between glasshouse and field
S.A. Henderson, S. Fukai, J.M. Lilley, D.L. George, M. Cooper, M.H. Wamala, J.M. Watiki, J.N. Villariciencio, E. Chinyamakobvu, R. Uaiene and M.M. Ludlow

Tolerence of temperature stress in phaseolus vulgaris.
R Redden, T. Agtunong, D. George, and S. Fukai

Leaf nitrogen profiles in sunflower canopies during grain filling
V.O. Sadras, A.J. Hall and D.J. Connor

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