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Plant nutrition

Effects of aeration and nitrogen supply on cotton growth in solution culture
S. Kraokaw, F.P.C. Blarney, and S.A. Waring

Effects of nitrogen application on the light interception and radiation use efficiency of sunflower, helianthus annuus l.
R.M. Kamona and B.T. Steer

Mineralisation of soil organic nitrogen under long term rotations
D.P. Heenan and K.Y. Chan

Cereal grain yield response to pasture legume nitrogen
C.K. Revell

High concentrations of carbon dioxide decrease critical nitrate and total nitrogen concentrations in wheat
P.J. Hocking and C.P. Meyer

Relationships of petiolar-nitrate concentrations with growth and yield of sunflower
J.W. Kerage and B.T. Steer

Use of plant analysis to assess the sulfur status of field grown subterranean clover
S. Duncan, G.M. Proudfoot and M.G. Browne

Penalties of ceasing phosphorus and sulphur applications, to pastures on the north-west slopes of NSW
G.J. Crocker

The relative tolerance of balansa and sub clovers, murex medic and lucerne to aluminium and manganese
D.G. De Marco, P.J. Randall and S.P. Mills

The use of s" as an index of the sulfur status of plants
A. Pinkerton, P.J. Randall and P.A. Wallace

Response of wheat to four nitrogen management systems
B.A. Kearsley, N. Cordon and H.A. Reimers

Effect of nitrogen fertilizer on the yield and grain nitrogenconcentration of malting barley
G. Fathi, R.C.M. Lance, G.K. McDonald

Lime response of various native grasses
M.L. Mitchell, S.M. Ring and R.P. Fisher

Effect of nitrogen on yield and protein content of oats
K. Bishop and C. Bluett

Long-term study of fallow practices and nitrogen fertilisation on soil water conservation and yield of wheat in the Victorian wimmera
C. Cantero-Martinez, O'Leary and D.J. Connor

Fertiliser - key to profitable and sustainable pasture lands, northern slopes and plains, central Slopes, central west Plains and upper Hunter
R.D. Freebairn

Soil potassium decline in western Australian agricultural soils
F.H. Ripper, B.J. Leach and M.G. Browne

Pasture and cereal responses to applied lime in central NSW
C.L. Mullen

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