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Grazing resources - management

The role of lucerne in crop-pasture systems in the wimmera
T.M Young, W.K Gardner, M. Drum, J. Carter' and T. Lewis

Perennial ryegrass improvement for temperate pastures in Australia
P.J. Cunningham, M.W. Anderson, R.G. Clarke, D.R. Eagling, O.N. Villalta

Annual and perennial pastures react differently to autumn-winter grazing management
D.R. Kemp, P.M. Dowling, D.L. Michalk, G.D. Millar and M. Goodacre

Survey of use and management of lotus pedunculatus cv `grasslands maku' in eastern Australia
C.A. Harris, M.J. Blumenthal and J.M. Scott'

National white clover improvement programme - the plant improvement process
J.F. Ayres, R.D. FitzGerald, M.Z.Z. Jahufer and M.R. Norton

The national white clover genetic resource centre
M.Z.Z. Jahufer and L.A. Brien

Field testing in the national white clover improvement programme
M.R. Norton and R.D. FitzGerald

National white clover improvement - support research
R.D. FitzGerald and J.F. Ayres

Nodulation and growth of serradella at low root temperatures
R. A. Ballard

The persistence of phalaris under grazing
R.A. Culvenor and R.N. Oram

More effective rhizobial inoculants improve the persistence of lucerne (medicago sativa) in western Australia
P.M. Evans and J.G. Howieson

The effect of maturity on proportion and quality of morphological components of white clover grown under irrigation in northern Victoria
C.R. Stockdale and K.B. Kelly

Effects of defoliation management on the productivity and clover content of irrigated perennial pastures
K.B. Kelly and A.R. Lawson

Effect of time of removal of annual grasses from pastures on the carryover of take-all to wheat
C.R. Kid, A.R. Leys, J.E. Pratley and G.M. Murray

Improved production from undersown medics
M.R. Moerkerk and R.S. Eldridge

Pasture consumption by rabbits in the central highlands of Victoria
T. Morgan and P.E. Quigley

The relationship between digestibility and clover content of dairy pastures in the Adelaide hills
M.J. Cochrane and E.D. Carter

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