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Grazing resources - ecology

Effects of water deficit during vegetative growth on leaf expansion of legumes
K.C. Kawonga, F.P.C. Blarney and H.M. Shelton

Establishment of surface-sown pastures in wheat stubble in north western New South Wales
M.H. Campbell and A.M. Bowman

Annual medic seed reserves in cereal rotations
R.A. Latta

Population dynamics of volunteer annual grass species as affected by spring pasture management
A.S. Beattie, R.P. Thompson, P. Michell and E.M. Bond

Verano stylo seed production in the douglas daly district, northern territory, Australia
M.R. Norton, N.L. Thomas and P.C. Shotton

Aphids can alter the pattern of seed softening in burr medic
C.K. Revell

Temperature conditions associated with the autumn softening of hard seeds of burr medic
G.B. Taylor

Subterranean clover seedling survival in a summer rainfall environment
R.D. FitzGerald

Effect of summer rainfall on seed losses of two forage legumes, in the wheatbelt of western Australia
H.M. Saoub, G.B. Taylor, and W.R. Stern

Effect of burial on longevity of seeds of medicago polymorpha andtrifolium subterraneum
H.M. Saoub, C.K. Reve11, G.B. Taylor and W.R. Stern

The botanical composition of high rainfall pastures in south-western Victoria
G.N. Ward and P.E. Quigley

Annual medics on red-brown earths
J.R. Crosby, M.T. Spencer, G. Sweeney

Seed bank dynamics of Vuilipa in pastures
C.E. Jones, R.D.B. Whalley, J.V. Lovett' and S. McIntyre

Botanical composition of pasture in south-western Victoria
P.E. Quigley, G.N. Ward and T. Morgan

Using the levy point quadrant to assess botanical composition of dairy pastures in the Adelaide hills
E.D. Carter and MI Cochrane

Time of planting affects seed production of burr medic
C.W. Thorn and G. Laslett

Intake, in vivo and in vitro digestibility’s, and seed survival following ingestion of annual medic pods by sheep
R. Valizadeh, E.D. Carter and N.G. Yates

Effects of seed size and level of hard-seededness on survival of medic seeds in whole pods fed to sheep or as clean seed exposed in the sheep rumen
F. Squella and E.D. Carter

The significance of seed size on survival of some annual clover pasture species in south Australia
F. Squella and E.D. Carter

Influence of defoliation intensity and time of final defoliation on seed yield of paraggio barrel medic
F.N. Muyekho, E.D. Carter and G.K. McDonald

Predicting the emergence of annual pasture legumes on cereal farms
E.D. Carter and R.G. Porter

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