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Organising Committees

Management Committee

  • Professor W.R. Stern (President)
  • Professor J.V. Lovett (Vice-President)
  • Professor D.J. Connor (Past-President)
  • Mr M.W. Perry (Secretary)
  • Mr A. Peggs (Treasurer)
  • Ms G.P. Ayling (Editor)
  • Dr W.K. Anderson
  • Dr E.G. Barrett-Lennard
  • Mr M. Browne
  • Dr W.J. Collins Mr L.B. English Mr T. Gee
  • Ms C. Hine
  • Mr R.J. Parkin

Programme Committee

  • Dr I.R. Fillery (Chairman)
  • Dr W.K. Anderson
  • Dr E.G. Barrett-Lennard
  • Mr M.W. Perry

Sponsorship and Publicity Committee

  • Mr T. Gee (Chairman)
  • Mr L.B. English
  • Mr M. Browne
  • Ms G.P. Ayling

Workshop Organizers

  • Dr R.K. Belford
  • Dr R.H. Sedgley

Symposia Committees


  • Dr I. McPharlin


  • Mr J.D. Warren
  • Mr G.J. Parlieviet
  • Mr I. Maling


  • Ms F. Frost
  • Dr R.J. French
  • Mr S.E. Porritt

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