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Soil, tillage and water

Yield of wheat after direct drilling with a modified combine
R.K. Belford, E.R. Harvey, D. Tennant, and R. Jarvis

Soil strength development in loamy sand soils: effects of compactive forces and multiple wetting and drying cycles
H. Daniel and L.A.G. Aylmore

The influence of stubble management and nitrogen fertiliser on nitrogen fixation in chickpea
J.A. Doughton1, P.G. Saffigna2 and I. Vallis3

The effect of wheat stubble on the emergence of burr medic
M.A. Ewing1 and C.K. Revell2

Management Options for intensive cropping of red duplex soils
G. W. Ford

Effects of tillage on burial of pasture legume seed and seedling emergence
P.G. Fulwood and E.D. Carter

Tillage and stubble management effects on lupin yields in a long term wheat/lupin rotation on a red earth soil at Wagga Wagga
D.P. Heenan and A.C. Taylor

Long term effects of rotation, tillage and stubble management on wheat yields on a red earth soil in Southern N.S.W.
D.P. Heenan and A.C. Taylor

Fallowing for moisture conservation in the Victorian Mallee
M. Incerti

The effect of deep ripping and gypsum application on sodic duplex soils for pasture production
P.L. Matthew1, J.W. Sands1 , Edi R. Wijaya2, Mursahid2

Deep ripping responses in annual pasture legumes
B. J. Nutt

The effect of stubble retention and cultivation on wheat yield in the Victorian Wimmera and Mallee
G. J. O'Leary1, D. J. Connor2 and R. L. Amor1

Reduced cult1vation for irrigated maize on a red-brown earth
K.E. Pritchard and W.K. Mason

The effects of straw mulch on establishment of annual medics
P.E. Quigley1 and E.D Carter2

Shallow autumn cultivation improves burr medic pastures
C. Revell

Adoption of direct drilling for sowing pastures in South–West Victoria
P. M. Schroder

A versatile seeder for sowing conventionally tilled or direct drilled experimental plots
J.M. Scotta, T.R. Staceb and S.T. Murrayb

Tillage and sowing depth affect pleiochaeta root rot and lupin establishment
M. Sweetingham, M. Dracup, R. Belford, A. Pelham and E.R. Harvey

Deep ploughing improves nutrient distribution and crop performance
P.N. Vance

The effect of crop tillage on pasture regeneration and production on a hard setting red brown earth
J.D. Warren

The extent of acid soils in the cropping region of north-eastern Victoria
D.R. Coventry and J.J.L. Maden

A stochastic method for simulation of leaching in soil
A.J. Diggle

An inexpensive high resolution weighing lysimeter
S. Theiveyanathan1, G.M. Rimmington,1 D.J. Connor1 and P.B. Burrow2

A large and low cost rain-out shelter design
G.C. Wright1 and P.M. Hatfield2

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