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Plant breeding and evaluation

Introduction and evaluation of pasture legumes in high rainfall north-western Tasmania
Peter Gillard1, Andrew Bishop1 and Robert Reid1,2

Ranking sub clover lines with respect to several characteristics considered simultaneously
R. Gittins and P.M. Evans

Breeding yanninicum subclovers w1th improved clover scorch resistance
G.J. Mitchell, M.L. Stanley and M.J. Cooper

Evaluating selection criteria to improve salt tolerance in white clover (trifolium repens l.)
C. L. Noble and M. E. Rogers

Rosedale - a new brachycalycinum subclover
M.L. Stanley, G.J. Mitchell and M.J. Cooper

Native grasses on the southern and central tablelands of N.S.W. - potential for utilization
P.M. Dowling1, D.R. Garden2, P. Simpson3, P.W. Orchard4 and S. Burge5

Persistence of temperate perennial grasses, northwest slopes, NSW
K.A. Archer

Responses of perennial lotus and astragalus accessions to acid soils
W.M. Kelman and R.N. Oram

Stem nematode effects on lucerne cultivars
R.B. Wynn-Williams and R.G. Purves

Identification and characterisation of water limiting environments within Queensland wheat breeding trials
M. Cooper1, D.R. Woodruff2 and D.E. Byth3

An investigation of the adaptation of seleci ed cimmyt wheat germplasm to water limiting environments in Queensland
M. Cooper1, D.R. Woodruff2 and D.E. Byth3

Limitations of the use of drought susceptibility indices based on relativeyield for selection of drought adapted genotypes
M. Cooper1, D.R. Woodruff2 and D.E. Byth3

A classification based approach for characterising genotype drought adaptation for selection for stress adaptation
M. Cooper1, D.R. Woodruff2 and D.E. Byth3

Vernalisation requirements of contrasting wheat genotypes
J.V. Johnstone, P.D. Jamieson and D.R. Wilson

Grain mass variation in wheat
E.J.M. Kirby

Contribution of genetic change to yield improvement in Australian spring wheats
M.W. Perry

Morphological and physiological characters associated with higher grain yields of modern wheats
K.H.M. Siddique and M.W. Perry

Root:shoot ratios in old and modern australian wheats
K.H.M. Siddique, D. Tennant and R.K. Belford

Increasing wheat yields on the south coast of Western Australia
W.R. Smith and W.K. Anderson

Selection techniques for improved yields and drought resistance of wheat
K.L. Snelling1, N.C. Turner1 and B.R. Whan2

Agronomic characteristics of five spring wheats
S. Srisombun and L.C. Campbell

Genotypic variation in the response of barley cultivars to different levels of phosphorus fertility
N.E. Longnecker and A.D. Robson

An evaluation of lines of uniculm barley
G.K. McDonald

A rapeseed ideotype for high yields
N.J. Mendham and M.S.S. Rao

Thermal requirements of three brassica species under various seeding dates
Diwan Singh, V. Umamaheswara Rao and O. P. Bishnoi

Yield by environment interactions for warm-season perennial grasses
R.M. Davidson and W.D. Bellotti

Variation in soil water extraction and harvest index among peanut cultivars in response to drought
G.C. Wright

Genotype-environment interactions and yield stability in rice grown under dryland conditions
N. Reddy

Yield potential of short duration rice varieties in south western New South Wales
R.F. Reinke1, L.G. Lewin1 and D.J. Connor2

Differential performance of diverse sorghum hybrids over a wide range of environments
L.J. Wade1, A.C.L. Douglas1 and G.L. Hammer2

Genotype by environment interaction for radiation use efficiency in grain sorghum
G.L. Hammer1, R.L. Vanderlip2, and L.J. Wade3

Genotype by environment interaction for transpirat1on efficiency in grain sorghum
M. Donatelli1, R.L. Vanderlip2, and G.L. Hammer3

Variation in carbon isotope discrimination among diverse sorghum hybrids
K.T. Hubick1, G.L. Hammer2, G.D. Farquhar1, L.J. Wade3, S. von Caemmerer1 and S. Henderson1

Early maturing navy beans for Tasmania
W. Thanomsub and N.J. Mendham

A screening technique for weathering resistance in mungbean
R.W. Williams1,2, R.J. Lawn3, B.C. Imrie3, and D.E. Byth1

Development of an ideotype for weathering resistance in mungbean
R.W. Williams1,2, R.J. Lawn3, B.C. Imrie3 and D.E. Byth1

Functional ideotypes for increasing and stabilizing chickpea yield
N.P. Saxena and C. Johansen

An initial evaluation of fifty diverse lines of lentils (lens culinaris) for adaptation to South East Queensland
C.J. Birch1, A.B.C. Dobson1 and U. Myint Htay2

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