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Pasture production

Medic pasture composition changes over three years of chemical and physical manipulation At Merredin, Western Australia
N.R. Venn

Effects of moisture during flowering on seed yield of subterranean clover
K.A. Archer

Competition between Mt Barker and Karridale sub clover. sown in binary mixtures
M. Bowman

Establishment of subterranean clover under direct drilled cereal crops
B. S. Dear

Losses of subterranean clover seed from dry pasture residues during grazing by sheep in summer-autumn
C.T. de Koning and E.D. Carter

The sub clover status of permanent pastures in the lower rainfall areas of Tasmania
P.M. Evans

The fate of new sub clover cultivars in old Mt. Barker pastures in Tasmania
P.M. Evans, J.A. Carpenter and E.J. Hall

Spring sown sub clover: will it regenerate?
P.M. Evans, B.A. Rowe and J.A. Carpenter

Tolerance of sub clover cultivars and T. Balansae Cv Paradana to a range of herbicides in Tasmania
P.M. Evans, R.S. Smith and J.A. Carpenter

Hard seed reserves of subterranean clover at various soil phosphate levels
D. Little

Comparative production data from commercial and non-commercial subterranean clover lines
D. Little

Pasture legume establishment after rice
M.E. Lattimore, H.G. Beecher and K.L. O'Callaghan

The relationship between sowing rate, seedling density. And seed yield of Trikkala sub clover on farm paddocks in South West Victoria
P. M. Schroder

Effects of defoliation on subterranean clover seed production
C.R. Stockdale and K.B. Kelly

Effects of undersowing methods on pasture establishment' and oat yields
JM Taylor

A comparison of the root structure of trifolium Repens Cvv. Huia and Haifa
K.A. Archer

Root-shoot interactions in irrigated white clover
S.J. Blaikie, D.J. Connor1, W.K. Mason and T.F. Neales1

Perennial pasture legumes in the Murrumbidgee Valley
M.E. Lattimore

Effects of temperature on the germination of Trifolium Resupinatum and T. Balansae
P.I. Jansen and R.L. Ison

Persian clover in the Murrumbidgee Valley
M.E. Lattimore and K.L. O'Callaghan

Competitiveness of annual forage clovers with capeweed
Z.N. Nieab, K.F.M. Reedb and P.E. Quigleyb

Preliminary evaluation of persian clover
R. Snowball

The role of balansa clover (trifolium balansae) in cool elevated pastures
S. D. Burge1 and B. S. Dear2

Comparative production of annual medics in Jordan and South Australia
M.H. Ababneh1, E.D. Carter1 and P.G. Tow2

Growth responses of annual medics to temperature
M.H. Ababneh, J.H. Silsbury and E.D. Carter

Longevity of high-temperature embryo dormancy in Medicago murex and trifolium Subterraneum
M.J. Blumenthal and R.L. Ison

Medic Seed Dynamics through Crop/Pasture Rotations

Seed yield from Medicago murex grown alone and with Subclover
J.A. Fortunea, W.R. Sterna and C.W. Thornb

Saprophytic competence in four acid soils of strains of rhizobium meliloti
J.G. Howieson1, M.A. Ewing2 and C.K. Revell3

Santiago - an improved variety of burr medic
C.K. Revelll and M.A. Ewing2

Importance of sampling time in assessing Germinability of burr medic
G.B. Taylor

Water-use by serena medic (medicago polymorpha) on contrasting soil types in the eastern wheatbelt of Western Australia
I.A.M. Yunusa and R. H. Sedgley

Responses of cultivars of yellow serpadella (ornithopus compressus) to inoculation with strains of rhizobium lupini
R.A. Ballard

Pasture legume seed survival following ingestion by sheep
E.D. Carter, S. Challis, R.C. Knowles and J. Bahrani*

Predicting the emergence of annual pasture legumes: commercialisation of a soil-coring technique
E.D. Carter a, Kylie M. Le Leu a and G.B. Baldwin b

Annual pasture legume growth on acid soils I the performance of yellow serradella (Ornithopus compressus cv. Toro)
P.D. Cregan, H. McInerney1 and K.R. Helyar2

Annual pasture legume growth on acid soils II the root growth of seedling subterranean clover (Trifolium Subterraneum cv junee) and barrel medic (Medicago truncatula cv. Paraggio) on an acid soil following deep tillage and deep lime placement
P.D. Cregan, H. McInerney1 and K.R. Helyar2

Annual pasture legume growth on acid soils iii effect of soil acidity on the growth of seedling subterranean clover (trifolium subterraneum cv. junee) and barrel medic (medicago truncatula cv. paraggio)
P.D. Cregan, H. McInerney1, K.R. Helyar and M. Conyers2

Loss of surface-sown perennial grasses in their establishment year in north-western New South Wales
M.H. Campbell1 , W.D. Bellotti2 and C.R. Watson3

Performance of perennial ryegrass in marginal environments in South-Western Victoria
P.J. Cunninghama and D.R. Eaglingb

Effect of seed structure on the water relations of germinating pasture grass seeds
B.P. Garrote, J.M. Scott, P.W.G. Sale and G.J. Blair

Phalaris establishment - sowing alternate rows to overcome perennial ryegrass competition
R.D. Hill

Root distribution of consol lovegrass
W.H. Johnston

Possible alleopathy in consol lovegrass
W.H. Johnston

Alternative perennial grasses for acid, low phosphorus fertility soils in North-Eastern Victoria
M.L. Mitchell and A.M. Ridley

Seed production of curly Mitchell grass (astrebla lappacea)
K. J. Morthorpe

Effects of Paclobutrazol treatment on the growth and seed yield’ of phalaris
K. J. Morthorpea and G. L. Stewartb

Establishment and tillering of phalaris and cocksfoot on an acid soil
A.M. Ridley, A.L. Avery, S.M. Windsor

Effect of broad-leaf herbicides on production of annual legumes
J G Mulholland, B S Dear, G B Scott and A G Kaiser

Pasture seedlings respond to fungicides on Northern Tablelands of N.S.W.
J.M. Scotta, M.R. Duncanb and J.F. Brownc

Emergence and survival of sown perennial grasses in a semi-arid environment
C.R. Watson 1 and W.D. Bellotti 2

Establishment of surface-sown perennial pastures to replace annual grass weeds
M.H. Campbell

Pre-season management of pasture and its influence on annual grass regeneration
P.M. Dowling1 and P.T.W. Wong2

The status of pasture legumes in central NSW
D.R. Kemp and P.M. Dowling

Effects of methods of sowing on establishment of forage and pasture species
S. Khan, E.D. Carter and S. Pattison*

The structure of managed tagasaste (Chaemecytisus palmensis)
J. Bucat and J.A. Fortune

Potential intake of tagasaste (chaemecytisus palmensis) as influenced by shrub structure
J.A. Fortune

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