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Organising Committees

Management Committee

  • Prof. D.J. Connor (President)
  • Prof. W.R. Stern (Vice-President)
  • Dr. M.G. Temple-Smith (Past-President) Mr. D.R. Rooney (Secretary)
  • Dr. J.W. Cooke (Treasurer)
  • Mr. T.G. Reeves
  • Mr. J.B. Shovelton
  • Mr. R.N. Smith
  • Program Subcommittee
  • Mr. T.G. Reeves (Chairman)
  • Mr. J.C. Avery
  • Dr. D.R. Coventry
  • Dr. W.K. Mason
  • Dr. C.J. Smith
  • Dr. G.R. Steed

Operations Subcommittee

  • Mr. J.B. Shovelton (Chairman)
  • Dr. C.J. Bell
  • Mr. R.K. Harrod

Sponsorship & Publicity Subcommittee

  • Mr. R.N. Smith (Chairman)
  • Mr. J.B. Shovelton

Displays Subcommittee

  • Mr. B.R. Elliott
  • Mr. G.J. O'Leary

Editor of Proceedings

  • Mr. T.G. Reeves

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