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Soil tillage and soil water

The effect of stubble retention and nitrogen fertilisation on wheat yield in the Victorian Wimmera
G.J. O'Leary

Evaluating stubble management techniques
G.R. Steed

Preseason management for weed control in direct-drilled crops
Peter Dowling

Stubble retention effects on soil water storage and yield
D. Tennant1, A.P. Hamblin2 and R.J. Jarvis

Effects of cultivation and stubble retention on soil and stubble - borne pathogens of wheat in Victoria
R. F. de Boer1 and J.F. Kollmorgen2

Broadcasting versus drilling of wheat at five seed rates
E. Mayer and D. Smith 1

Soil water and thermal-infrared determination of water stress of wheat growing on a red-brown earth in Southern New South Wales
R.C.G. Smith, H.D. Barrs and R. Sides

The infrared thermometer as a practical irrigation scheduling and crop management tool
Roger Johnson

Co2 balance of sunflower subjected to moisture stress during grain filling
D.M. Whitfield1, D.J. Connor2 and A.J. Hall2

Physiological variation contributing to genotype by environment (water supply) interaction in Barley
Searle, K.S. Fischer and S. Fukai

Osmotic adjustment in three pasture and one grain legume in response to severe water deficits during flowering
S. Amoabin1, N.C. Turner2 and W.R. Stern1

Adaptation of upland and lowland rice to soil moisture deficits
J.M. Greenstreet, S. Fukai and K.S. Fischer

Relationships between water use, yield and grain size of barley I. yield
P.S. Cornish, B.J. Read and P.A. Lockley

Relationships between water use, yield and grain size of barley II. grain size
P.S. Cornish, B.J. Read and P. Lockley

Residual water in sandy soils after various rotations and agronomic treatments
John Hamblin and Rob Delane

Effects of wheat residues and tillage on the water balance of a red earth soil
P.S. Cornish

Variation in water use and dry matter production among peanut cultivars grown under moisture deficit
S.C. Chapman1, K.S. Fischer1 and M.M. Ludlow2

Water use of wheat in the Victorian Mallee
J.B. Griffiths and D.N. Walsgott

Amelioration of hardsetting red duplex wheat soils with gypsum
G.W. Ford1 and I.S. Smith2

The effect of soil moisture ameliorants on pasture establishment on silicious sands
F.L. Matthew

Stubble and tillage effects on soil characteristics and grain sorghum yield
G.A. Thomas1, J. Standley1, H.M. Hunter1, D.P. Sinclair1, G.W. Blight2 and A.A. Webb3.

Strategies and tactics with short fallowing
R.A. Fischer and J.S. Armstrong

Reduced tillage vegetable production systems for coastal New South Wales
D.F. Hocking, J. Murison and P.S. Cornish

Extension of conservation tillage technology onto the farm South-East Darling Downs, Queensland
K.S. Bullen

Precision sprinkler for small field plots
P.A. Lockley

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