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Pasture production

Imbibition as a factor affecting germination in subterranean clover (Trifolium subterraneum)
A.M. Bowman and G.W. King*

Differing winter production of subterranean clover cultivars
C.T. de Koning and E.D. Carter

Growth responses of subterranean clover to temperature
J.H. Silsbury and T.C. Hancock

Sub clovers for Tasmania: production of early mid season and late groups
P.M. Evans and J.A. Carpenter

Sub clover for Tasmania: flowering times of registered cultivars
P.M. Evans and J.A. Carpenter

Persistence of Mt. Barker subterranean clover
GB Hatton1 and BC Curnow2

Seed yield of three annual pasture legumes in response to water deficits during flowering and seed development
S. Amoabin1, W.R. Stern1 and N.C. Turner2

Potential of trifolium subterraneum ssp. Brachycalycinum for northern N.S.W.
K.A. Archer

The potential of Medicago murex as a new legume species for the eastern wheat belt
B.S. Dear and L. Jenkins

Increasing clover proportion alters perennial pasture production in West Gippsland
G.N. O'Brien

Impact of grazing by sheep on subterranean clover cultivars
C.T. de Koning and E.D. Carter

The effect of grazing on the seed production of a range of annual medic species
C.W. Thorn and C.K. Revell

Effects of defoliation on the productivity of a persian clover-wimmera ryegrass sward
C.R. Stockdale

Leaf growth and apical development in perennial ryegrass in winter
D.R. Kemp1, C.F. Eagles2 and M.O. Humphreys2

Establishing phalaris in the upper hunter by aerial seeding
Michael J Hill and Ross W Watson

Tillering and its influence on seed yield in Kangaroo Valley perennial ryegrass
B. McLaughlin

Effect of season and sowing method on pasture establishment on the northern tablelands
G.W. Charles1, G.J. Blair1 and A.C. Andrews2.

A burn/graze strategy for improving natural pastures in Northern New South Wales
G.M. Lodge1, L.H. McCormick2 and C.P. Dadd3

Persistence and production of native and exotic warm-season perennial grasses at Walgett, North-West NSW
W.D. Bellotti

Fertilizers for animal production
KJ Hutchinson

Mineralization of pasture residues
KJ Hutchinson and KL King

Determining pasture fertilizer requirements by satellite
P J Vickery

Wool production from pasture - biological and economic limits within Western Victoria
P.E. Novelly1,2 and D.H. White1

Change in soil nitrogen under established swards of Caucasian clover
B.S. Dear

Seed yield of annual pasture legume - Rhizobium symbioses
R.R. Young and P.H. Croft

The effect of fungicide and the control of leaf disease in lucerne
B. McLaughlin

Tolerance of Persian clover seedlings to broadleaf herbicide
P.T.Kenny1, R.D. Hill2 and K.F.M. Reed1

Performance of grasslands Hamua x Moroccan red clover crosses in a marginal environment
S.C. Clark and K.F.M. Reed

The in vitro digestibility of dead pasture grasses and their morphological components
R.A. Ballard, R.J. Simpson and G.R. Pearce

Potential of tagasaste as a forage plant in a high rainfall temperate environment
A.A. McGowan and G. Mathews

Competition as a factor in sub-clover cultivar replacement
A.M. Bowman and G.W. King1

Comparative establishment levels of old and new pasture species in Southern NSW
G.W. King1, G.N. Vartzoumas and A M. Bowman

Effects of depth of sowing medic seeds on emergence of seedlings
E.D. Carter and S. Challis

Medic seed distribution in soil profiles
P.E. Quigley, E.D. Carter and R.C. Knowles

Seedling vigour and seasonal growth of two hardseeded lines of persian clover in South West Victoria
P.J. Cunningham and W.M. Feely

A new inoculant for Persian Clover (Trifolium Resupinatum) Cv Maral
P.J. Cunningham1, R.R. Gault2 and J. Brockwell2

Shrubby stylo grazing development trial "Carfax" - Brigalow area III – Queensland
H.J. Chamberlair1, H.G. Bishop2 and R.M. Dodt2

Emergence and early growth of Lotononis bainesii
M.J. Blumenthal1,2 and T.B. Hilder2

Improved permanent forages for dry season grazing in Northern Australia 1. ponded pastures
J.H. Wildin

Improved permanent forages for dry season grazing in northern Australia 2. Oversowing adapted species into native pastures
J.H. Wildin

Improved permanent forages for dry season grazing in northern Australia 3. browse shrubs and fodder trees
J.H. Wildin

Establishment of surface-sown pastures on cracking clays near Walgett
M.H. Campbell1 and W.D. Bellotti2

Establishment and development of surface-sown pastures on black earths near Coolah
M.H. Campbell1 and R.D. Freebairn2

The effect of autumn and winter grazing pressure on end of spring pasture production
H. Lloyd Davies

Assessing the hydrogen cyanide potential of forage sorghum
C Mulcahy1, J L Wheeler1, G G Rapp1, D A Hedges1 and J J Walcott2

Subterranean clover seed yields of pastures in the Hamilton district
P. M. Schroder

Introducing new cultivars of subterranean clover into existing clover pastures in South West Victoria by direct drilling
P.M. Schroder

Adoption of higher sowing rates of subterranean clover in South West Victoria
P. M. Schroder

Sowing pastures by direct drilling in South West Victoria
P. M. Schroder

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