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Crop production

The potential for the use of growth regulators in poppy production
J.J. Forbes and J.C. Laughlin

Plant spacing research in onions and its commercial significance
D. J. McGeary and A. S. Morgans

Processing bean variety evaluation

Yield of new brassica cultivars
J.F. Chin and K.F.M. Reed

A comparison of brassica forage crops with oats
M.S. Abdul-Rahman1, N.J. Mendham and J. Russell2

Evaluation of chinoli rapeseed (brassica campestris)
M.S. Srinivasa Rao and N.J. Mendham

Sowing time effects on yield, growth and development of rapeseed in Central Western N.S.W.
E. L. Armstrong,

Flowering date and yield of rapeseed
E.L. Armstronga, A.L. Bernardi , L.W. Banksb and T.P. Drewc

Response of rapeseed to early windrowing
L.W. Banks

A sweet potato time of planting trial in Papua New Guinea
R. Michael Bourke

Determination of sowing times for sod-seeded crops on the central tablelands of New South Wales
P.M. Dowling

Maturity type of maize for cool summers in Southern Australia
Yvonne Aitken

Grain drydown effects in sorghum hybrids treated preharvest with glyphosate
A. J. Somervaille and G. R. Monro

A comparison of single and multiple row planting systems for irrigated grain sorghum production
G.D. Keefer

Maize/cowpea intercrop: the effect of varying the relative time of sowing of the component crops
F. Ofori and W.R. Stern

Evaluation of intercropping for fodder production
K.E. Pritchard and W.B. Mason

Yields and yield components of sunflower hybrids
F.P.C. Blamey1, W.J. Vermeulen2 and J. Chapman

Root development in grain sorghum hybrids
S.W. Herbert1, C.J. Liwa and S. Fukai

The growth and development of pearl millet as affected by photoperiod
P.S. Carberry and L.C. Campbell

Effect of reduced seed set and seed position on the oil content and mineral composition of sunflower seeds
P.J. Hocking1, B.T. Steer and A. Low

Influence of tobacco cropping frequency on (1) tobacco crop yield and cured leaf quality
P.E. Tonello, T.S. Rasmussen, J. von Nordheim

Influence of tobacco cropping frequency on (2) soil acid extractable phosphorus levels in North Queensland
P.E. Tonello, T.S. Rasmussen, J. von Nordheim

An approach to the management of sub-tropical tree fruits and nuts based on an understanding of the penological cycle
N.T. Vock and B.W. Cull

Reasons for the lack of grower adoption of technology arising from research
N.T. Vock and B.W. Cull

An approach to the planning of projects to improve the rate of grower adoption
N.T. Vock and B.W. Cull

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