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Summer Crops

Floret sterility in rice as influenced by low Temperatures
D.P. Heenan and L.G. Lewin

Chilling and the germination and early growth of sorghum and cotton seedlings
J.R. McWilliam

Grain yield of a hybrid sorghum and its parents
U. Jayasuriya, G.L. Wilson and S. Fukai

Plant characteristics associated with high grain yield of sorghum
S.W. Herbert, S. Fukai and G.L. Wilson

Uniformity of spacing, and grain yield, in sorghum
G.L. Wilson, Y. Diczbalis and J.D.E. Aspinall

Row spacing and plant population effects on water soluble carbohydrates yield in sweet sorghum cv. Rio
P.M. Martin and F.M. Kelleher

The effect of row spacing on stem volume and its relationship to water soluble carbohydrate storage after anthesis
F.M. Kelleher and P.M. Martin

Factors contributing to low peanut yields in the South Burnett
P. McNee1, G. Smith2, K.J. Middleton1, D.J. Rogers1, P.C. O'Brien3 and G.R. Harcha

Peanut as a dual purpose crop
R.B. Santos1 and B.G. Sutton2

Dry season soybeans in northern Australia
J.D. Mayers1, R.J. Lawna and D.E. Byth2

Late senescence oil losses in soybeans
P.W.G. Sale1 and L.C. Campbell2

Response of soybeans to simulated insect attack
R. Rowdena, R.J. Lawnb and J.P. Evensona

Crop evapotranspiration and soil water depletion of dryland sunflowers
R.J. Cawood

The estimation of sorghum yield following grain losses due to midge damage
T. Dickson and J.C. Dwyer

Contrasting effects of population density on yield of irrigated grain sorghum in the Ord River Irrigation Area
M.A. Foale and D.B. Coates

Comparative yields of turnips, sugar and fodder beet on the southern tablelands of New South Wales
P. Simpson, M. Keys and R. Walker

Estimated costs of producing alcohol from sugar or fodder beet on the southern tablelands of N.S.W.
P. Simpson, M. Keys, R. Walker

The development and use of solid stream nozzles for aerial application of molinate for barnyard grass control in rice crops in New South Wales
M.W. Barrett a and J. Darbyshire b

Developing new crops
I.M. Wood

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