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Palatability and cultivar selection in the eragrostis curvula complex
W.H. Johnston

The management of bent grass (agrostis tenuis) dominant pastures in Victoria using glyphosate
M.E. Boyda, D.J. Rodgerb, I.M. Ruzich and W. Strawa

Effect of time of sowing on the establishaent and development of surface-sown phalaris aquatica
M.H. Campbell

Epic - a new variety of tall fescue
B.D. Hill

Early growth pattern and sod-sowing of temperate pasture grasses
M.J. Hill and C.J. Pearson

Germination and growth of senecio madagascariensis poir.(fireweed), a toxic plant of pastures in coastal New South Wales
N.R. Nelson1 and P.W. Michael2

The role of C.A.M. in improving rangeland productivity
R.F. Brown

Performance of seven lucerne cultivars growing in saline soils
S. Zallar

Plant density decline of dryland lucerne during establishment
R.S. Martyn and A.R. Heard

Lucerne and sainfoin production on two alpine soils in East Gippsland, Victoria
L.J. Hamilton

Plant-environment studies in regional evaluation of pasture species
P.G. Tow

Factors affecting seed production in Jemalong barrel medic based pastures at Roseworthy Agricultural College
P.G. Tow and D. Hodgkins

The need for change in making the best use of medics in the cereal-livestock farming systems of South Australia
E. D. Carter

An evaluation of mowing trials
J.W.D. Cayley

Subterranean clover improvement in New South Wales
E.C. Wolfe

The growth of trifolium montanum in south-eastern Australia
B.S. Dear

Caucasian clovers for high country : future research perspectives
Margaret Zorin1 and B.S. Dear2

Legume evaluation in the Monaro region of New South Wales
B.S. Dear

A comparison between leucaena Leucocephala cv. Peru and Acacia Angustissima CPI 51651 in South-East Queensland
D.J. Myles

Fitzroy stylo - a pasture legume for northern Brigalow soils
T.W.G. Grahama, B. Walkerb, F.W. Mullera

Desiccation resistance in macrotyloma axillare
I.B. Staples

Herbicide banding to aid establishment of sod-sown pastures in southern Queensland
S.J. Cook

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