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Irrigation and Water Use

Irrigation of linseed at Emerald (a) response to moisture stress
L.J. Wade

Irrigation of linseed at Emerald (B) response to irrigation in the field
L.J. Wade

Irrigation of linseed at Emerald (C) economic optimum irrigation regime
L.J. Wade

The need for improved irrigation management to attain high yields of wheat in a semi-arid environment
D.L. Chase and J.A. Thompson

Fodder production from irrigated crops in northern Victoria
K.E. Pritchard

Productivity of irrigated pastures in northern Victoria
C.R. Stockdale and F.M. Martin

Potential productivity of irrigated perennial pasture
F.M. Martin

The low productivity of irrigated agriculture - is irrigation method a key factor?
W.K. Mason, R.C.G. Smith, W.S. Meyer and H.D. Barrs

Landforming in northern Victoria - are our soils suited to this technology?
K.E. Pritchard and W.K. Mason

Timing pasture irrigation with a "home-made" evaporation tank
J.H. Mount

308 The lower limit of extractable soil water for crops grown on a cracking clay soil.
E.A. Dubhelde,a A.S. Hodgsona and C.C. Wrightb

The effects of transient waterlogging on the yield of sunflower and sorghum
P.W. Orchard and H.B. So

Wet soil culture of soybeans: plant growth and yield
R.J. Troedson,a R.J. Lawn,b D.E. Byth,a and G.L. Wilson

Irrigation of sunflowers in the southeast of South Australia
T.D. Potter

Comparison of water use by sunflower at two row spacings
E.A. Dubbelde, Hazel C. Harris and J.R. McWilliam

Comparison of furrow and sprinkler irrigation systems for grain sorghum production in the Ord irrigation area
G.C. Wright

Response of cassava to irrigation
G.R.Baker, S. Fukai and G.L. Wilson

The effect of nitrogen fertilizer on the response of the potato crop to irrigation
B.J. Logan

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