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Review Process

APEN’s Aims in Producing a Refereed Conference Proceedings

As the peak body for professionals working in extension and practice change, APEN strives to foster professional development opportunities for its members and other outreach professional working in the Asia-Pacific Region and internationally. One aim within this broad vision is to provide a medium for the peer-review and publication of papers in Refereed Proceedings.

Thus the APEN 2006 International Conference is not only a gathering at which members meet and hear presentations from other professionals in similar fields, but provides a rare venue for peer-review of papers. This is particularly important because we extension agents have no journal devoted to our fields of work in Australasia, while most of our colleagues other areas of research and development do have such professional journals.

The Paper Review Process

The peer-review process for APEN 2006 started with a Call for Abstracts in June 2005. Over 120 authors submitted abstracts to the website for oral or poster presentations, and about 90 submitted full papers for review by the end of November. Theses papers were allocated among 28 selected reviewers from various specialist disciplines – such as practice change, training and communication, capacity building, social research and community resource management.

Paper reviewers uploaded files with their comments to the website and authors responded to these, in one to four iterations of paper revision. About 85 full papers were finally ‘approved’ for publication in the refereed proceedings in February.

The web-based proceedings is available with previous conference proceedings through The Regional Institute website at

The review process adopted meets the criteria set by the Department of Education Science and Training (DEST) for “Refereed Conference Proceedings”.

Paper reviewers

APEN and the Conference Committee extend sincere gratitude to all 28 members of the conference review panel, who worked hard to make the review process possible.

Catherine Allan

Adaptive management, action and participatory research
Charles Sturt University, Albury

Barrie Bardsley

Extension research and adoption theory
Private Consultant, Bacchus Marsh

David Beckingsale

Program evaluation in NRM, agriculture, community
Victorian Department of Primary Industries, Melbourne

Ruth Beilin

Social research, visual sociology, gender and rural issues
University of Melbourne, Parkville

Lucia Boxelaar

Social research, social capital, community capacity
University of Melbourne, Parkville

Peter Cakebread

Animal science research and extension. Animal ethics
University of Melbourne, Parkville

Anne Crawford

Social and action research, practice change
University of Melbourne, Parkville

Jo Crosby

Pasture research and extension. Program management
Victorian Department of Primary Industries, Warrnambool

Jessica Dart

Program evaluation, participatory technologies
Director, Clear Horizons, Victoria

Tony Dunn

Extension, social research, rapid rural appraisal
Associate, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga

Kathryn Goyen

Consulting, extension, training and management in agriculture
Private consultant, Warragul, Victoria

Bob Gray

General extension and training in agriculture and resource management
Extension Agent, Victorian Department of Primary Industries

Jonathon Howard

Engagement relating to water, catchment management, communities
Charles Sturt University, Albury

Geoff Kaine

Victoria Extension - agriculture and horticultural industries
Victorian Department of Primary Industries, Tatura

Chris Linehan

Research and extension management. Horticulture, cropping and grazing systems
Victorian Department of Primary Industries, Tatura

Kate McCormick

Agronomic services, farmer training, rural practice change
Private Consultant, Murtoa, Victoria

Bron McDonald

Program evaluation, program logic. Dairy and other industries
Victorian Department of Primary Industries, Warragul.

Alice Melland

Dairy and pasture research and extension
Victorian Department of Primary Industries, Ellinbank

Joanne Millar

Participatory approaches in NRM and agriculture, incentives for conservation
Charles Sturt University, Albury

John Moran

Research manager, dairy and livestock systems, Australian & international development
Victorian Department of Primary Industries

Ruth Nettle

Research and extension, group training, social and action research
University of Melbourne, Parkville

Rob Norton

Agronomic research and farm advisory
University of Melbourne and VIDA, Horsham

Mark Paine

Social and behavioural research, knowledge systems
University of Melbourne, Parkville

R. John Petheram

People aspects of R&D in agriculture, forestry and NRM
University of Melbourne, Creswick Campus

Val Pollard

Rural development in small-scale farming setting. Training Australia and internationally Private consultant, Victoria.

Horrie Poussard

Change practices influencing catchment health, biodiversity and water quality
Private consultant, Victoria

Brian Robotham

Sugar agronomy and farm machinery
Bureau of Sugar Experimental Stations Ltd., Queensland

Frank Vanclay

Social research in relation to land use and landholder behaviour
University of Tasmania, Hobart

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