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Stream 4: Social context

Is there a role for extension in regulatory change? A channel automation case study
Author: Lisa Cowan, Helen Murdoch, Chris Linehan and Geoff Kaine

Traditional masculinities: Obstacles in the turn towards sustainable farming practices.
Author: Ian Coldwell

Social research helps target audiences to increase adoption of precision viticulture
Author: Vanessa Hood1 and Megan Hill2

Framing participatory inquiry in terms of ‘reflexivity’
Author: William Adlong

Identifying change management triggers
Author: Pamela I’Anson1, Patrick Page2, James Fisher3 and Linda Leonard4

Adoption of environmental best practice amongst dairy farmers
Author: Denise Bewsell1 and Geoff Kaine2

Examples of extension and policy strategies developed using theories of human behaviour and social marketing
Author: Terry Parminter1, Colin Waters2 and Claire Mortimer3

Change wizards cooking with sugar
Author: Terry Reid

Understanding adoption of precision agriculture technologies
Author: C. Ambrosio, C. Linehan and G. Kaine.

Using market research to advance rural industry research and development
Author: Jonathan Jenkin and George Katos

Understanding barriers to adoption of improved land use practices by deer farmers
Author: Tracy Payne and Denise Bewsell

Author: Three key learnings: (1) Adoption of improved land use practices by farmers is influenced by their specific farm context. (2) A ‘one size fits all’ approach to improved land use practices is unrealistic. (3) Research and extension programs need to recognise that the ‘best’ solution will depend on farm context.

Pinpointing the role of communication – the case of customs brokers in New Zealand
Author: Denise Bewsell and Tracy Payne

Human resource implications of selected intensification strategies in four pastoral sectors
Author: Bruce Small1, Warwick Waters1, Andrea Murphy-McIntosh1 and Ian Tarbotton2

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