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Conference Program

The following information was published in the conference handbook and may have been updated prior to the conference
Click here to download the final program (PDF)

Sunday 5 March 2006 (optional day)


Registration International Hotel Foyer


Wine & food tour of Beechworth region


Accompanying persons greeting Scholars Dining Room


Dinner in Beechworth (ask at registration desk for information on dining in Beechworth)


Screening of “What the Bleep do we Know?” Bijou Theatre

Monday 6 March 2006


Registration International Hotel Foyer


Welcome Kerford Room
The Hon Susan Ley MP- Federal Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Program context presentation


Keynote speakers

Kate Andrews Negotiating knowledge for practice change
Knowledge and Adoption Manager,
Land and Water Australia

Dr Ian Plowman – Seven diseases undermining sustainable communities – and their cures
Psychologist, Facilitator and Social Researcher




Practice Change Expo
Pines Convention Centre

A quick tour to a range of stations where presenters will showcase their ideas and work in a short, snappy and innovative fashion.
Participants will progress through 5 stations of their choice at 10 minute intervals. Have a think about the stations you would like to visit and the path you would like to take during lunch.


Station 1
They all learn the same……don’t they? An evaluation of the Learning Style preferences of the NZ Dairy Industry
Mandi McLeod,
Silvanus Consulting Ltd


Station 2
Northern rivers Soil Health Card: A monitoring tool for farmers developed by farmers
Abigail Jenkins
, NSW Department of Primary Industries


Station 3
Making soils sexy: soils extension on the NSW north coast
Rebecca Lines-Kelly
, NSW Department of Primary Industries


Station 4
Exploring the spoked wagon wheel model approach to identify the key factors to success for agriculture extension programs
Keith L Devenish
, Department of Agriculture Western Australia


Station 5
Deliberation forums: a pathway for public participation
Zelma Bone
, Charles Sturt University


Station 6
Farmers, extension and science – working together
Denise Bewsell
, AgResearch Ltd


Station 7
Towards a conceptual model for human responses to biosecurity issues
Tracy Payne
, AgResearch Ltd


Station 8
The productivity, environmental and social benefits of increasing producer participation in extension
Jason Trompf
, La Trobe University


Station 9
Coming to grips with Community Capacity: Using Goal Attainment Scaling as a measure for Local Area Plans.
Rebecca Lukies
, Department of Primary Industries, Victoria


Station 10
Evaluation: LandLearn’s most significant change
Lydia Fehring
, Department of Primary Industries, Victoria


Station 11
TRIED and TRUE or just plain TIRED?
Rosie Hannah
, Department of Primary Industries, Victoria


Station 12
When a scientist, farmer and prison crew go fishing together: targeted extension on the Longwood Plains.
Doug Robinson
, Trust for Nature


Station 13
Networking through the glass ceiling
Claire Braund
, National Management Committee for Women on Boards


Afternoon tea


Workshop A – Understanding the Conference Streams

The purpose of each workshop is to establish the frame (scope, depth and breadth) of the particular stream to provide participants with “hooks” upon which to hang what they hear in subsequent concurrent presentations. This may include pointing to historical knowledge & theoretical base, current thinking, new developments, and divergent views on the stream. See page 23 for a description of the streams. Sign up for your session of choice near the registration desk.

Approaches, methods & tools: George Briscoe Room
Multiple scales of practice change: Kerford Room
Partnerships/networking and institutions: Staghorn 1 Room
Social Context: Pines East
Evaluation/Reflection: Pines West
Sustaining the Practice: Bijou Theatre


Wrap-up for the day


Time to relax


Poster session, snacks & drinks


BBQ Pines Convention Centre

Tuesday 7 March 2006


Optional Tai Chi with instructor or stroll around local walking tracks




Kerford Room


Keynote speaker

John Connell - Dynamics of scaling-out with small-holder farmers in Southeast Asia
International research and development specialist, Laos


Concurrent session 1

1. Approaches, methods & tools
George Briscoe

2. Multiple scales of practice change
Kerford Room

3. Partnerships, networking & institutions
Staghorn 1

4. Social Context
Pines East

5. Evaluation/ Reflection
Pines West

6. Sustaining the Practice
Bijou Theatre


Tienne Vannasouk
Laos Agricultural & Forestry Extension Servic

Development of the Laos extension approach.

Wendy Golder
& Ann Johnston

Department of Primary Industries & Resources SA

Outback Connect: Bridging the Digital Divide.

Sally Marsh
University of WA

Working with farmers for practical weed management in direct seeded rice in the Philippines.

Peta Christensen
Cultivating Community

Feeding the Cities: Case studies from Australia, Brazil, USA & Canada exploring the role of urban agriculture & rural family farms in community food security.

Mike Keys
Department of Primary Industries, NSW

LANDSCAN: delivering extension on a landscape basis.

Neels Botha
AgResearch Ltd

Exploring possibilities for extension to protect water quality.

Ross Carruthers
Department of Water Land & Biodiversity Conservation

Volumetric conversion in SE SA: Changing perceptions, mindsets & knowledge barriers before changing water licences.

Dick Osborn

Sustaining communities by learning from integrated assessments of place.

Gillian Stewart
Grain & Graze program

A national extension approach supporting regional paradigms: lessons from the Grain & Graze program.

Lisa Cowan
Department of Primary Industries, Victoria

Is there a role for extension in regulatory change? A channel automation case study.

Ian Coldwell
Charles Sturt University

Traditional masculinities: Obstacles in the turn towards sustainable farming practices.

Vanessa Hood
Department of Primary Industries, Victoria

Social research helps target audiences to increase adoption of precision viticulture.

Fashola Rotimi
IITA Ibadan, Nigeria

Dissemination of sawah rice technology to farmers cultivating inland valleys in Nigeria.

David Jones
Department of Primary Industries, Victoria

Farmers quantifying the impact of drought on farm enterprises & across large areas.

Ismail M. Moumouni
Institute of Agricultural Economics & Social Sciences Services

Development perspectives in new rural districts in Benin: Case study of agricultural extension in Banikoara

Theo Nabben
Department of Agriculture WA

Capacity building: lessons learnt from South African LandCare.

Gordon Stone
Gordon Stone & Associates

Agribusiness role in extension, education & training.

Yvonne Orlando
Department of Primary Industries, Victoria

Extension in a changing rural landscape - a review of agriculture development extension in Victoria.


Morning tea break


Concurrent session 2

1. Approaches, methods & tools
George Briscoe

2. Multiple scales of practice change
Kerford Room

3. Partnerships /networking and institutions
Staghorn 1

4. Social Context
Pines East

5. Evaluation/ Reflection
Pines West

6. Sustaining the Practice
Bijou Theatre


Nam Nguyen
University of Queensland

Risk management tools for dryland farmers in southwest Queensland: an action research approach.

Greg Cock
Department of Primary Industries & Resources, South Australia

Measuring Community Capacity: an electronic audit template.

Dale Chapple

Benchmarking sugar cane harvesting performance to improve profitability & efficiency.

Susan Brumby
Western District Health Service

The Sustainable Farm Families project: Changing farmer attitudes to health.

Alison Spencer
Dept of Primary Industries & Fisheries, Queensland

Information & training needs of Australian chicken meat & egg producers.,

Stephen Routledge
Conflict and contradiction - observations on a sense of well-being in a farming community.

Ruth Nettle
The University of Melbourne

Knowledge Partnerships 1: What can knowledge partnerships offer agricultural industries?

Sean Kenny
The University of Sydney

Knowledge Partnerships 2: Extension juggling multi disciplinarity in the field.

Ken Keith
The University of Qld
Pathways to sustainable community cooperation through strengthened organisational links.

William Adlong
Charles Sturt University

Framing participatory inquiry in terms of ‘reflexivity’.

Pamela l’Anson
Department of Agriculture, Western Australia

Identifying change management triggers.

Denise Bewsell
AgResearch Ltd

Adoption of environmental best practice amongst dairy farmers.

Maryanne Martin
Department of Primary Industries, Victoria

Improved outcomes for Victorian sheep farmers affected by the OJD management program.

Robert Chataway
Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries, Queensland

The role of farmer participants in developing practices that better sustain the soil resource base on cropping based dairy farms in southern Queensland.

Michael Wagg
Land & Water Australia

Land Water & Wool: An integrated extension program in NRM on wool properties.

Roy Murray-Prior
Curtin University of Technology, WA

Assessing the adoption of research & extension messages about high yield wheat packages by WA farmers.

N Markham, M Paine
A learning approach to developing farming systems advisory skills/ Show me the tool & I will give you the advisor.

Mercy Akeredolu
The SAFE programme of the University of Mali

Improving the competence of agricultural extension in Mali.




Concurrent session 3

1. Approaches, methods & tools
George Briscoe

2. Multiple scales of practice change
Kerford Room

3. Partnerships /networking & institutions
Staghorn 1

4. Social Context
Pines East

5. Evaluation/ Reflection
Pines West

6. Sustaining the Practice
Bijou Theatre


Justin Hardy
Department of Agriculture, Western Australia

Farmer driven innovation: the backbone of the SGSL Producer Network.

QJ Wang
Dept Primary Industries, Victoria

Scenario planning for irrigation futures of the Goulburn Broken region

Anne Jones
Dept of Agriculture, Western Australia

Barriers & benefits to saltland pasture production: extension research in agriculture.

Laxman Perera
Ministry of Urban Development & Water Supply, Sri Lanka

Resettlement of people through consensus.

Dr Ian Plowman
Ian Plowman Pty Ltd

The four determinants of behaviour.

Frank Vanclay
Tasmanian Institute of Agricultural Research

Committing to place: Museum outreach as NRM extension.

Tracey Gianatti
University of Western Australia

Gaining with growers: lessons from a successful alliance of Western Australian farming system groups.

Orewa Barrett-Ohia
AgResearch Ltd

Multiple owned Maori land business: Researching governance & communication.

Jennifer Pagon
Department of Primary Industries, Victoria

Footprints for the future through Local Area Planning.

Terry Parminter
AgResearch Ltd

Examples of extension and policy strategies developed using theories of human behaviour and social marketing.

Terry Reid
Dept Primary Industries & Fisheries, Qld
Change wizards cooking with sugar.

Giselle Wilkinson Sustainable Living Foundation
Accelerating Sustainable Change.

Viengxay Photakoun
National Agriculture & Forestry Extension Service, Laos

Pathways to improving livelihoods in the uplands of Laos: researching & improving extension practice

Bob McCadam
Rural Enabler

Are we there yet? Capacity building in rural Australia –

Colin Hocking
Victoria University

What does professional development & learning for environmental sustainability facilitators look like?

John James
Department of Primary Industries & Fisheries, Queensland

Adopting knowledge management into our extension practices.

Tu Hoang
University of Queensland

Farmers' self-help groups: factors influencing their sustainability and the involvement of extension agencies -


Afternoon tea


Workshop B - Assimilation - integrating ideas

TIME to challenge and clarify emergent theories, models and processes underpinning practice change/extension WITH others who are from similar sectors to you (eg. agriculture, health, community development etc). A workshop will be held in a different room for each sector, to allow people from similar sectors to integrate ideas, theories, methods etc they have heard from the conference.


Wrap-up for the day


Time to relax


Conference dinner including presentation of APEN awards, and entertainment by the Celtic Larrikins, meet at the Pines Convention Centre

Wednesday 8 March 2006


Optional Tai Chi with instructor or stroll around local walking tracks




Kerford Room

Local address: Cathy McGowan


Keynote speaker

Professor Stuart Hill - Appropriate next steps to progressive change: Building on the past and risking deep transformation towards sustainable communities
Foundation Chair of Social Ecology & Head of Program, School of Education, University of Western Sydney


Workshop C - Confluence - coming together

TIME to explore potential new approaches, tools and concepts for practice change/extension in the future WITH people who are interested in further advancing the knowledge base for each conference stream.


Morning Tea (substantial due to later lunch)


Possibilities session
Kerford Room

Closing space


Lunch (in take away packs)


Post Conference Field Trips (optional)

Field trip A- Agribusiness and natural resource management

Field trip B- Health and community

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