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Keynote Speakers

Ms Kate Andrews graduated with an honours degree in Science from the ANU and has worked in a wide variety of capacities in natural resource management for nearly two decades - as a researcher, a facilitator and manager with both government and non-government organisations.

From 1996 to 2000 Kate was Chief Executive of the Lake Eyre Basin, working with dispersed communities and industries to design a multi-State natural resource management organisation. This brought a variety of interest groups together ‘to think and act as one whole catchment.’

Kate then joined Greening Australia as the National Policy & Business Development Manager, developing and negotiating proposals and funding to better involve the GA networks in the regional delivery of the National Action Plan and Natural Heritage Trust.

Currently, Kate is the Knowledge and Adoption Manager at Land & Water Australia and is working to get ‘knowledge into practice’, a conundrum she hasn’t tired of yet. This includes developing a knowledge and adoption strategy for LWA and overseeing a national knowledge brokering project to help regional NRM bodies engage with national knowledge providers.

Kate is a natural communicator who has a great understanding of rural and regional Australia. She is committed to bringing scientific and local knowledge together for better natural resource management.

Professor Stuart B. Hill is Foundation Chair of Social Ecology at the University of Western Sydney.

Prior to 1996 he was at McGill University, in Montreal, where he was responsible for the zoology degree and where in 1974 he established Ecological Agriculture Projects, Canada’s leading resource centre for sustainable agriculture (

He has published over 350 papers and reports. His latest book (with Martin Mulligan) is Ecological Pioneers: A Social History of Australian Ecological Thought and Action, Cambridge UP, 2001.

Dr Ian Plowman is a clinical and organisational psychologist, facilitator and social researcher who works with individuals, families, industries, communities and government agencies. He holds a Doctorate in Management (researching innovation), an Advanced Masters in Business Administration, a Masters in Organizational Psychology and an Honours Degree in Clinical Psychology.

Ian’s experience spans private sector (in finance and commerce), tertiary education sector (including two years TAFE teaching), government, and private practice. He has recently completed a contract to the University of Queensland as a Senior Research Fellow where he researched innovation within rural industries and rural communities. Based on his combined academic and career background, Ian helps his clients to develop skills and awareness to remove blockages and raise their levels of creativity and innovation.

(Unfortunately, due to unforseen circumstances, Ian was unable to attend the conference)

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