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MSF Grain & Graze – profit through knowledge

Zubair Shahzad

MSF Grain and Graze Mallee Email


Grain and Graze (G&G) Mallee is a research and extension based program that aims to increase profitability, enhance land management and improve farmer well-being. This program focuses on meeting the farmers’ needs through practical on-farm trials, demonstration trials, hands-on training and mentoring support.

Mallee Sustainable Farming Inc. is planning to engage producers across the tri-state Mallee Region to achieve the G&G targets for participation and adoption of sustainable mixed farming practices to achieve environmental, economic and social outcomes. The G&G Mallee Project has been developed to maximise existing tri-state partnership arrangements for a broader regional approach, and the intended outputs have been developed through direct consultation and negotiation between the relevant parties across the region.

The Mallee Sustainable Farming (MSF) Inc. is a community driven project servicing the <350ml rainfall area of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. MSF Inc. It formed in recognition that conservation farming practices had not been widely adopted across the region, compared to higher rainfall areas. MSF manages a range of projects, including the Grain and Graze Mallee project.

Three key learnings: (1) communication is needed to assist community to link with research and extension support; (2) identify and address production, environmental and social issues that impact on the perceived inability to move towards a more sustainable farming system; (3) provide more effective delivery of extension and research at a regional level

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