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Community engagement workbook to an effective engagement kit.

Robert Chaffe1 and Lyneve Whiting 2

1 Community engagement facilitator, Dept. Sustainability and Environment, 46 Aitken street Alexandra, 3714
Regional community Engagement Facilitator, Dept. Sustainability and Environment, 78 Henna Street, Warrnambool, Victoria, 3280 -


Field testing of the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment’s (DSE’s) resource “Effective community engagement: Workbook and Tools” published in 2003 showed a need for review. This review focused on building relationships with community/stakeholders as a fundamental foundation to effective engagement, integration of engagement with project management, increasing accessibility to more diverse audiences, and the incorporation of new learnings. Worksheets were enhanced, stakeholder relationship tools and case studies were added.

Formal training on community engagement and specific user groups were used to trial the work. The findings led to change in the content, structure and mode of availability of the resource. The result is an “Effective Engagement Kit”. The kit is available through a web site and includes a downloadable planning tool. For those without access to the Internet connection there is a CD version.

Three key learnings: (1) people working in the field of stakeholder engagement are looking for a simple computer based and easily accessible planning tool, (2) the clearer the scope and the purpose of the engagement and, details of the stakeholder’s relationships the more effective the project, and (3) regular reflection, review and celebration through a project builds capacity and capability in all the participants and evaluation and learning becomes a continuos process.

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