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The Australasia-Pacific Extension Network

The Australasia-Pacific Extension Network (APEN) is a professional organisation for extension professionals - people involved in community and rural development, adult education, communication and other related fields.

Our network represents about 500 extension professionals across Australia, New Zealand and beyond. It has active groups in every state of Australia with new ones being added. Our members are from government agencies, private practice and educational institutions.

What is extension?

Extension involves the use of communication and adult education processes to help people and communities identify potential improvements to their practices, and then provide them with the skills and resources to effect these improvements.

Worldwide, extension is being reborn in many new forms. Many different organisations and industries are realising the need to be involved in facilitating change across communities. To effect these changes, extension practitioners need to learn new skills and draw on the learning and resources of others to improve their practice and theory.

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