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Theme 4: Understanding the aspirations, attitudes ands socio-economic circumstances surrounding landholder participation in resource management

Establishing a way forward for the management of riparian zones on Queensland dairy farms
Author: Robert Chataway1, John Miller2 and Warren Orr1

Barriers to undertaking monitoring of on-ground works in grazing lands
Author: Chris Chilcott1,3 and Giselle Whish2,3

Lessons to Improve Community Engagement for Natural Resource Management – A Case Study
Author: Paul Harris1 and Owen Thompson2

NRM Engagement, Relationships Australia or the Rubik’s cube? Stakeholder engagement and dialogue in AgSIP!
Author: Valerie Sapin1 and Scott Cawley2

The AgSIP dinner party. An appetite for social change in a political context.
Author: Scott Cawley

Understanding social and economic influences on natural resource management decisions
Author: Jeanette Stanley and Beth Clouston

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