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Theme 1: Regional body engagement with resource management stakeholders

Achieving a paradigm shift with natural resource managers
Author: Margaret Bridgeford

Enhancing natural resource management in the cotton industry through partnerships
Author: Veronica Chapman1, Susan Maas2 and Geoff McIntyre3

GIS-based property planning as a tool for improved community engagement at the sub-catchment level
Author: Peter Crawford

Case study of increasing community groups and government agencies capacity to communicate
Author: Carl Glen

Regional NRM body contribution: South West NRM
Author: Renee Moore

Current engagement practice for NRM in the SEQ western catchments
Author: Cristine Hall1, Tim Smith 2 and Toni Darbas2

Shifting community driven organisations to outcome based delivery
Author: Phil McCullough

Successes, opportunities and challenges in delivering integrated NRM in the Queensland Murray Darling Basin.
Author: Queensland Murray Darling Committee QMDC

Learning to Negotiate – Negotiating to Learn
Author: Greg Leach1 and Dana Thomsen2

Building capacity through trust and understanding.
Author: Julia Shadlow-Bath, Kate Masters and Emma Blacklock

Using Participatory Evaluation for better NRM Engagement across different partners. A case in progress
Author: Valerie Sapin

Changing farmers – systems, partnerships and buzz.
Author: D F Yule and T J Neale

Engaging stakeholders: it does not have to be so difficult
Author: Tony Gleeson

Triage as an organising concept for NRM extension in regional groups: “The M.A.S.H. Analogy”
Author: Brian Stockwell

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