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Future Landscapes – Workshop

Facilitator: Paul Ainsworth (National Foods)

Main messages from the morning speakers:

  • Landscape change can be positive
  • Water use is going to be a big issue
  • Is policy the right way to manage land use?
  • A reducing importance on agriculture
  • Landscape will look better though more vegetation
  • More tension – knowledge gap between rural and urban
  • Environmental values will expand form farm to catchment
  • There will be more legislation
  • Landscape change will be more market driven
  • There will be more education
  • More pressure to prove clean and green
  • Mix of market and Government driven
  • There will be more set aside land
  • More water reuse
  • Environmental water will be at risk
  • Farmers perceived as poor land stewards
  • Environmental tax

What the future looks like for us as change agents:

  • Honest community consultation
  • As advisors we will need to incorporate much broader values
  • Need to look for more species balance
  • Have a role in helping manage land vales – much broader than now
  • Consider more carefully landholder values
  • Danger in picking winners
  • We have to be prepared to change
  • Productivity and value adding will increase
  • There will be more roles in value adding
  • More complex management
  • Increase in the scale of landscape change
  • Succession changes
  • Change has not stopped
  • Change has to be facts based
  • Have to deal with more specific interest groups

What the future means for AAAC and APEN:

  • Ability to deal with a wider range of groups and stakeholders
  • Client base changing to from individuals to organisations
  • More complex role dealing with more people
  • Will have to develop different networks eg non ag – Lawyers, Marketers etc.
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