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APEN 2001 International Conference

Toowoomba, 4th-5th October 2001

Report No:


Title of Topic:

Moving From Competition To Collaboration.

Name of Leader:

Rho Sandberg

Names of Participants:

Roger Tyshing, Alison Medhurst, Mark Collins, Emily Tee, Heather Shaw, Sally-Ann Henderson, Jessica Kenway, Alison Spencer, Terry Reid, Anita Chermell

Main points of discussion

There was a general consensus that collaboration is a means of achieving economic efficiencies, improved quality & innovation, greater power in the marketplace and increased incomes, however how to achieve this was the question.

Need to Build Trust between Producers

This can be a challenging task and there is currently a culture of independence, with strong egos at times involved

Group & Process Facilitation

  • There appears a tendency to focus on information provision and marketing intelligence at present. The problems of dependency associated with this approach were acknowledged. Developing exit strategies (for extension and IDO staff) and building processes that create independent research and learning capabilities encouraged.
  • The merit of spending the first six to twelve months on assisting group development and formation was proposed. Rho elaborated on the Grower Direct approach emphasising the development of soft collaboration skills integrated with the achievement of hard business decisions.

Success Stories

  • Greater success with newer growers motivated to share equipment and resources
  • Brocolli Growers in Tasmania have collaborated on the development of chill facilities
  • Persimmon Industry success in achieving 52 week supply through collaboration across states.
  • Pig Industry is achieving some success in maintaining export markets in the face of higher domestic prices – 10
  • export previously three.
  • Stonefruit Growers Northern NNSW have found likely defaulters have been strongest group managers when resistance managed.
  • Cultural factors lead to development of viable marketing networks in Werribee area – value in working with naturally occurring communities.

Major outcomes (what have you achieved from this discussion; how can this make a difference; what else do you need to do?)

Discussion list to be established amongst those interested in sharing experiences in facilitating collaborative groups. To join contact:

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