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APEN 2001 International Conference

Toowoomba, 4th-5th October 2001

Report No:


Title of Topic:

Brainstorming Issues and Opportunities for Community Development in the South East Asian Region

Name of Leader:

Galina Barrett

Names of Participants:

Dan McCluskey, Graham Harris, Gerado Boy, Eldon Thuiz, Joanne Millar, Virginia Cardenas, Leath Stewart, Abigail Jenkins, Denise Bewsell, Roland Lubett, Sally-Ann, Henderson, John Muir, Peter Long, Alex Goudy, Irene Kernot,

Main points of discussion

  • APEN moving towards greater incorporation of extension workers from Asian and Pacific countries;
  • Extending APEN links into the health and education sectors;
  • Possibility of a role for APEN in overcoming structural limitations faced by extension workers working overseas by assisting local community initiatives and empowering local communities;
  • The need for APEN to align its objectives with those of overseas communities (if APEN were to move into other countries) was expressed;
  • Role for APEN to assist in overcoming vested political interests once established in country, by building credibility at the grass-roots and higher political levels;
  • Great enthusiasm was shown in discussion surrounding APEN facilitating the change process – there is a role for APEN in facilitating cross-cultural professional development.

Major outcomes (what have you achieved from this discussion; how can this make a difference; what else do you need to do?)

Role for APEN in developing cross-cultural professional development and understanding through:

  • Forums – where discussion with extension workers from different parts of the region can be held;
  • Cross-cultural training;
  • APEN Fellow system – extension workers from overseas come and share their experiences, i.e. Train the trainers.

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