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APEN 2001 International Conference

Toowoomba, 4th-5th October 2001

Hot Topic No


Final Title of Topic

Towards a National Extension Framework

Name of Leader

Jeff Coutts /Chris Linehan

Names of Participants

Valerie Sapin; Mary Johnson; Jane Fisher; Bill Dalton; Jan Edwards; David Hickey; Bobbie Brazil; Glen Conroy; David Lawrence; Ruth Nettle; Kathryn Warburton; Nick Christodoulou, Roger Johnson.

The Desired Outcome: Determine if a NEF is needed, and if so develop an appropriate one.

Full Action Plan to achieve that Outcome

What needs to be done

By When

By Whom

  • Investigation: is a NEF needed and if so what would it look like to meet needs and expectations.
  • Determine stakeholders.
  • Research people’s (and agencies etc) need for – and motivation for an NEF and their expectations.
  • Check with AIAS (for example) re any existing relevant frameworks (eg competency standards).
  • Audit the extent of problems/causes that a NEF would address – objective assessment rather than stated perceptions.
  • Recommendation: Is there a big enough problem and motivation and hence need for an NEF – and if so, what might it cover?
  • Possible further Action: Develop the framework.
  • Develop a vision for the framework.
  • Take steps to further identify and engage stakeholders in an appropriate process to achieve vision.

Immediate steps required after this meeting

1. Establish an e-mail discussion group from those who have nominated.

2. If PRP (Preliminary Research Proposal) (already submitted) is accepted by RIRDC, then engage with e-mail group to develop up the FRP (Full Research Proposal) in line with actions in Action Plan – Submit on time.


3. Plan B – use existing APEN network (list serves, ExtensionNet and other Forums) to progress dialogue and actions to address barriers to extension reaching its full potential – institutional and other. Engage relevant organizations in dialogue – state and federal agencies, NGOs, community and private sector.

Total resources required (identify funding, people, time, etc)

Funds to undertake proposal (RIRDC/Joint Program – already interest)

People to engage in hard work in developing proposal and other actions and to be active participants.

Organisations that see the benefit may contribute people and resources to address issues.

Who will champion this topic after today?

Jeff Coutts, Roger Johnson & Valerie Sapin (re lobbying/marketing element only)

How will progress be communicated?

E-mail list serve; ExtensionNet.

Other comments you wish to have documented...

There was some concern that the term extension was not fully understood even by practitioners and that this was an impediment to developing a National Extension Framework. One view was that the process of defining a NEF would assist in such an understanding.

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