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Position papers

Hot Topic.: 1 Better understanding, use and development of theory relevant to extension.
Leader: Lucia Boxelaar

Hot Topic.: 2 Towards a National Extension Framework
Leader: Jeff Coutts /Chris Linehan

Hot Topic.: 3 Getting out of the Rut
Leader: John James

Hot Topic.: 4 Professional development for change agents; novices and community facilitators
Leader: Graham Harris

Hot Topic.: 5 Extension as a Business – Communicating our success
Leader: Margaret Cruickshank and Roger Sneath

Hot Topic.: 6 Extension’s role in helping researchers farmers and stakeholders to develop and implement R,D&E.
Leader: Larissa Bilston ( ), David Ellement ( ), Laurie Capill

Report No.: 1 The Role of Extension and Farm Employment
Leader: Ruth Nettle

Report No.: 2 How do we Support Proactive Extension when Constantly Faced with Reactive Extension Pressure?
Leader: Pat Page

Report No.: 3 Brainstorming Issues and Opportunities for Community Development in the South East Asian Region
Leader: Galina Barrett

Report No.: 4 Presentation Facilitation: Jazz or Straight - How do we Facilitate?
Leader: Robert Chaffe

Report No.: 5 What Ignites Communities to Drive their own Future?
Leader: Emily Jenke

Report No.: 6 Facilitating Commitment and Opportunity for Cross Agency Collaboration on Natural Resource Management Issues
Leader: Cheryl Sisson

Report No.: 7 What’s the Point? Why do we do what we do? Theory for Extension.
Leader: John McKenzie

Report No.: 8 The Role of Farm Forestry in Addressing Natural Resource Management and Regional Community / Economy Issues in Australia – Opportunities and Strategies
Leader: Laurie Capill (Co-ordinator, Southern Queensland Farm Forestry Development Assoc. Inc.)

Report No.: 9 What is Needed for Extension to Play a More Pivotal Role in Using the Internet for Community Development?
Leader: Warwick Easdown

Report No.: 10 How do we Compare Various Approaches to Extension in the Context of Influencing and Advising Policymakers?
Leader: Malcolm Letts

Report No.: 11 Rural Mens’ Health and Wellbeing
Leader: Rob Nielsen

Report No.: 12 Building Rapport Between Industry, Researchers, Extension Community, and Other Stakeholders.
Leader: David Ellement

Report No.: 13 What Criteria Can Agencies Use to Prioritise Alternative Community Capacity Building Projects.
Leader: Ray Murphy

Report No.: 14 Towards a National Extension Framework
Leader: Jeff Coutts

Report No.: 15 Neighbourhood Catchments- Reaching the other 70
Leader: Glen Millar

Report No.: 16 Community Arts and NRM Extension
Leader: Jude Westrup

Report No.: 17 How do you Recognise and Develop Strategic Links Between All Sectors in the Region that can be Built on to Achieve a Common Goal for the Region?
Leader: Mike Young – Michael Young & Associates – Canberra ACT.

Report No.: 18 Choosing to Choose – Motivation to be!
Leader: Robert Chaffe

Report No.: 19 What Makes a Good Extension Professional?
Leader: Michelle Hollaway, Cheryl Sisson

Report No.: 20 Professional development for change agents; novices and community facilitators
Leader: Rho Sandberg, Gabrielle Kay, Sarah Hood and Graham Harris

Report No.: 21 Value Chain Involvement in R, D & E Planning, Practice and Evaluation
Leader: Greg Mills

Report No.: 22 Finding a Balance/Middle Ground Between Committed, Passionate Growers and those who are Apathetic for Issues/Management Practices that Require a Regional/Industry Approach
Leader: Ingrid Christiansen, Australian Cotton CRC/DPI

Report No.: 23 Developing Local Extension Networks to Enhance Project Outcomes
Leader: John Barker

Report No.: 24 Extending Beyond those Producers who Readily Come to Learning Activities - Should we Bother? If so how do we do it?
Leader: Jason Trompf

Report No.: 25 How do we Help Develop Rural Leadership?
Leader: Colin Holt

Report No.: 26 Community Groups, Managing Expectations of the Group, Sponsors and Service Providers to work as a Partnership.
Leader: Peter Metcalfe

Report No.: 27 Getting Extension/ APEN out of the Agricultural Rut.
Leader: John James

Report No.: 28 Private Education Bias: The Role of Public Schools in Building Strong Rural Communities.
Leader: Rob Chattaway

Report No.: 29 What Could APEN do Differently/Extra to . . .
Leader: Greg Cock

Report No.: 30 True Collaboration in RD&E: What is Extension’s Role in Helping Researchers and Farmers Develop and Implement Research Projects?
Creating Partnerships Within and Between Extension and Community Organisations.
Leader: Katie Bowman

Report No.: 32 Do We Want an APEN Writers Circle?
Leader: Mark Paine

Report No.: 33 1. Social Theory in Rural Development Practice: ‘Farming Styles’ or ‘Actor-Oriented Perspective’? 2. How to Integrate Stakeholders of an Industry in a Cooperative way?
Leader: Don Thomson & Sergio Teixeira & Andy Brown

Report No.: 34 Using What You Know to Better Inform Government Policy and Policy Makers
Leader: Greg Claydon

Report No.: 35 Understanding Information Concepts: a Need to “Raise the Bar”
Leader: Darren Schmidt

Report No.: 36 Extension: What Have We Learned From Our Experiences?

Report No.: 37 Participatory Rural Appraisal
Leader: Dan McLuskey

Report No.: 38 Sustainability in Agriculture – Skills for Extension Officers
Leader: Dan McLuskey

Report No.: 39 Ecological Systems as Learning Systems - Class rooms to Communities
Leader: Christine King, N. Sriskandarajah

Report No.: 40 Novice Practitioners – Support, Recognition and Empowerment.
Leader: Sarah Hood (QDPI) & Graham Harris (QDPI)

Report No.: 41 Suitability of a Network Approach to Improve Water Use Efficiency.
Leader: Maria Rose

Report No.: 42 How do we Record and Value Qualitative Data that Demonstrates Change in a Community?
Leader: Rachael Webster & Sue Sorensen

Report No.: 43 Getting Serious about Supporting the Stewardship Role of Land Managers
Leader: Joanne Millar

Report No.: 44 Broadening the Balance of Spirituality, Emotional, Mental & Physical Domains in Extension
Leader: Greg Leach

Report No.: 45 How to Support Conversion Processes to Organic Agriculture?
Leader: Irene Visser

Report No.: 46 Stem The Flow “ Keeping People and Services in Rural and Regional Communities”,
Leader: Amanda Miller

Report No.: 47 Moving From Competition To Collaboration.
Leader: Rho Sandberg

Report No.: 48 There is Often Tension Between our Priorities (eg Government and Farmer priorities). What Theories will help us Design Extension Programs under these Circumstances?
Leader: Fiona Johnson and Denise Bewsell

Report No.: 49 “Open Space to Cyberspace”. What are the Building Blocks of Knowledge and How Can we Use ICT (Information & Communications Technology) to Share that Knowledge?
Leader: Roger Johnson

Report No.: 50 Engaging Urban Communities in their Regional Communities
Leader: Melva Hobson

Report No.: 51 How to Achieve Effective Business Planning for Rural Community Groups.
Leader: Lee-anne Mintern, NRE, Hamilton, South West, Vic.

Report No.: 52 The Role of Targeted Public Funding in Rural Community Development.
Leader: John Day

Report No.: 53 Hidden Agendas: Perceptions are Real – Are they Necessary?
Leader: Sarah Hood/Graham Harris

Report No.: 54 Vegetation Management – What are our Extension Priorities in Queensland?
Leader: Andy Grodecki

Report No.: 55 Extension as a Business – Communicating our Successes
Leader: Margaret Cruickshank & Roger Sneath

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