Table Of Contents


Focusing On Change: Utilising facilitated farmer groups as learning vehicles
Stephanie Andreata

Vegetable Extension Program – Partnerships with Vegetable Growers & Industry
Sarah Barry, Bruce Fry, Andrew Henderson, Sally-Ann Henderson, Stephen Moore, Tegan Rennick

Agricultural Extension in Vietnam:
in Need of Better Institutional Arrangements

Tran Thanh Be

BENT Best Extension Network Team
The BENT committee

NAVIGATOR: Extension for a New Millennium
Katherine Boon1 and Patricia Murray2

The use of rich pictures to develop applicable behaviour change interventions
Neil Botha

Applying Extension for a change in the Environment
Kane Dougherty

Grapecheque: Victorian Winegrape Extension
Jane R. Fisher1 , Rebecca Dunstone2, Megan Hill3, Stephen Kelly4 and John Whiting3

Acid Sulfate Soils: Using feedback
Abigail Jenkins

Drivers for Change

Sustainability through a better system of regional planning: The CHRRUPP project
Anne Leitch1and Allan Dale2

Maximising the effect of financial management training by using extension team strengths and eliminating learning barriers
Ray Murphy, Glenn Bake, Graeme Busby, John Miller and Kevin Wilson

Evaluation for NAVIGATOR
Patricia Murray1 and Katherine Boon2

Understanding processes of change for family and labour on expanding Australian dairy farms
R.A. Nettle1, M.S. Paine and R.J. Petheram

Participatory on farm trials for sustainable viticulture – a step towards positive change
David Shearer

Communities taking the future in their hands - the Valley Vision story.
Tim Tabart, Amabel Fulton and Rob Clark

Human experiences with the paired-paddock model deliver changes in farm practice
J. P. Trompf

Stakeholder perspective’s on the coordination of adult education and training in the Tasmanian dairy industry
Jane Weatherley and Amabel Fulton

Improved integrated resource use planning in the Australian sugar industry
V.A.Webb1, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, D. Chalmers2, CRC Sugar, D.H. Walker, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, A.K.L.J. Johnson, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems.

Taste based teaching techniques – the salty liquorice (licorice) salinity simulation
Tilwin Westrup.

Community attitudes towards land use change in south west Victoria
Kathryn Williams and Ruth Nettle