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Workshop 2 Evaluation: Are Groups Defunct?

Kellyanne Semple


The aim of this evaluation is to provide an understanding of the effectiveness of the National Forum 2000. The results will be used to assess the success for the Forum, determine if it is worth running similar events in the future and how improvement could be made.


What is one phrase you remember from this the last session?

  • Defunct versus Funct!;
  • UBD – Use by Date for Groups;
  • "Some people think that all you have to do is work with groups to get your message across";
  • "groups may only be "e-commerce" groups in the future"; and
  • Group working and competing roles.


What were the highlights (or the best part) of the last session?

  • Working in smaller groups;
  • Working out the issues;
  • Final discussion;
  • Divergence of views of the roles of groups;
  • Confidence and capacity of facilitator – Mike Stephens;
  • Tools to assist in getting groups to operate at higher levels; and
  • Active participation.

What were the disappointments (or the worst part) of the last session?

  • Lack of clarity about the questions;
  • Questions our group discussed were not very challenging;
  • Large group – difficult to facilitate; and
  • Transparencies: Letters are too small to read!


What new vantage point has this workshop given you?

  • To be more observant of group health;
  • That DNRE people are exploiting (overusing) them;
  • To look at non-groupies and assess how some may be brought into the group; and
  • The majority still see groups as an effective medium for technology transfer and that groups will establish with or without the ‘support" of agency or other support personnel.


What do you think should be done differently if this session was to be run again?

  • Clarify the questions;
  • Smaller groups, more thought into what groups were given to discuss; and
  • Get "someone" to put forward a perspective on groups and have the facilitator facilitate the debate/outcomes that would eventuate.

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