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Natural Herbicides

Using allelopathy to search for new natural herbicides from plants
Author: Tim Haig, Jim Pratley, Min An, Terry Haig and Shane Hildebrand

Callisto: a very successful maize herbicide inspired by allelochemistry
Author: Derek Cornes

Searching for a natural herbicide: the role of medicinal plants?
Author: Sally Allan and Steve Adkins

Allelopathic potential of Helianthus annuus L. (sunflower) as natural herbicide
Author: Tehmina Anjum1, Phil Stevenson2, David Hall3 and Rukhsana Bajwa1

Searching native Australian plants for natural herbicides - a case study
Author: Min An1,2 and Jim Pratley2

Allelopathic potential of buckwheat
Author: Zahida Iqbal, Anna Golisz, Akihiro Furubayashi, Habib Nasir and Yoshiharu Fujii

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