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Novel Approaches

Application of a residue allelopathy model in the field management of Vulpia phytotoxicity
Author: Min An, Jim Pratley and Terry Haig

CARD: curve-fitting allelochemical response data
Author: De Li Liu1,2 and Min An2,3

Effect of methyl jasmonate on hydroxamic acid and phenolic acid content in maize and its allelopathic activity to Echinochloa crusgalli (L.)
Author: Jianwu Wang, Tao Xu, Luwei Zhang, Zhenmei Zhong and Shiming Luo

Application of plant products to control some soil born fungal pathogens
Author: Morteza Ghorbany and Mohammad Salary

Whole-range assessment and inhibition index: a method for analysing allelopathic dose-response data
Author: Min An, Jim Pratley, Terry Haig and De Li Liu

Response of allelochemicals under pseudo-microgravity
Author: Kaori Tomita-Yokotani1, Takako Kato1, Yoshiharu Fujii2, Hirofumi Hashimoto1, Teruko Nakamura3, Masamichi Yamashita4

Herbicidal lead compound mimosine and its degradation enzyme
Author: Shinkichi Tawata1, Tran Dang Xuan and Masakazu Fukuta

Allelopathic potential of Wedelia trilobata L.: effects on germination, growth and physiological parameters of rice
Author: Chengrong Nie1,2, Shiming Luo2, Rensen Zeng2, Meihua Mo3, Huashou Li2 and Chuxia Lin2

Allelopathic effect of Solanum lycocarpum leaf extract on protein synthesis in sesame seedlings
Author: Camila A. Jerônimo1, Fabian Borghetti1 and Cezar Martins de Sá2

Rational development of herbicide models from guaianolides.
Author: Francisco A. Macías, Victor M.I. Viñolo and José M.G. Molinillo

Imaging of bioluminescence responses of different plant species under L-DOPA allelochemical condition
Author: Mohammad Masud Parvez1, Syeda Shahnaz Parvez2, Shoji Hagiwara3 and Yoshiharu Fujii1

Evaluation of antifungal activity of Cicer arietinum L.
Author: Tehmina Anjum, Rukhsana Bajwa, Sobiya Shafique and Shazia Shafique

Rhizosphere soil method: a new bioassay to evaluate allelopathy in the field.
Author: Yoshiharu Fujii 1, Akihiro Furubayashi 1 and Syuntaro Hiradate 1

Dish pack method: a new bioassay for volatile allelopathy
Author: Yoshiharu Fujii1, Minoru Matsuyama1, Syuntaro Hiradate1 and Hideki Shimozawa1

Correlation between DIMBOA and Bt Proteins Concentrations among Bt and non-Bt Corn Hybrids
Author: Jianwu Wang, Chengrong Nie and Shiming Luo

Proazulenes, azulene and colchicine as fluorescent dyes for study of cellular interactions in allelopathy
Author: Victoria V. Roshchina

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