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Rice Allelopathy

Evaluation and improvement of allelopathic rice germplasm at Stuttgart, Arkansas, USA.
Author: David Gealy1, Brian Ottis2, Ronald Talbert2, Karen Moldenhauer3, and Wengui Yan1.

Evaluation of rice varieties for allelopathic effects on Australian rice weeds - linking laboratory to field
Author: Alexa N. Seal1, Jim Pratley1 and Terry Haig2

Use of ISSR molecular marker approach to estimate genetic diversity in rice and barley allelopathy
Author: W.X. Lin1,2, H.Q. He1,2, X.X. Chen1, J. Xiong1, B.Q. Song2, Y.Y. Liang2 and K.J. Liang2

Manipulating the lipid resorcinol pathway to enhance allelopathy in rice
Author: Franck E. Dayan, Daniel Cook, Scott R. Baerson, and Agnes M. Rimando

Review of progress in the chemistry of rice allelopathy
Author: Hisashi Kato-Noguchi

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