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A critical survey of allelochemicals in action - the importance of total activity and the weed suppression equation.
Author: Yoshiharu Fujii and Syuntaro Hiradate

The allelopathic phenomenon, a dynamic process.
Author: Francisco A. Macías, Alberto Oliveros-Bastidas, David Marín, Diego Castellano and José M.G. Molinillo

Benzoxazinoids from wheat: preparation and structure-activity relationships.
Author: Francisco A. Macías, David Marín, Alberto Oliveros-Bastidas, David Chinchilla and José M.G. Molinillo

Structure-dependent activities of wheat allelochemicals on target and non-target organisms
Author: Jona Ines Fritz1, Sylvia Bluemel2, Per Kudsk3, Francisco A. Macías4, Lars M. Hansen3 and Wieslaw Oleszek5

Measurement of allelochemical dynamics in the rhizosphere
Author: Jeffrey D. Weidenhamer

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